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Apple HomePod – Reinventing home music

Apple has revealed HomePod, a compact speaker and home assistant with support for Siri and Apple Music. Apple’s Phil Schiller said the device combines a great compact speaker with a smart speaker. “Just like iPod reinvents music in our pockets, HomePod will reinvent music in our homes,” he said.

HomePod is around seven inches high and features a 7-tweeter array with beam-forming tweeters – each with its own driver. The tweeters have precision acoustic horns, and directional horns. The speaker also has a 4-inch upward-facing woofer with a dynamic equalizer to ensure the sound is free from distortion.

The device will be controlled by an Apple A8 chip – the same processor that powers the iPhone.

Smart speaker

HomePod can automatically detect the space it is in and adjust its sound to fill that space. Two HomePods may be set up in the same room and they will automatically work together. The A8 chip is also used to power Siri, which can be used to issue commands through a six-microphone array.

The HomePod will support Apple’s home automation system HomeKit and Apple Music.

HomePod will go on sale in the US in December for £349.

A worldwide launch is set for 2018.

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Spotify subscriber numbers hit 50 million

Spotify has reached 50 million subscribers, growing 25% in under six months. It growth extends Spotify’s lead over Apple Music, its nearest rival, which had 20 million subscribers in December, reported Reuters[1]. While TechCrunch reported[2] that Spotify has not yet turned a profit, as it spends capital to grow internationally, it is considering a US stock market listing.

Spotify plans to move its New York office from the Midtown area of Manhattan to the World Trade Center, and hire over a thousand people.

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DStv beating Netflix – but the battle is on

MyBroadband recently conducted its 2017 Tech Survey, which revealed that while DStv remains the most popular media platform among South African IT professionals, Netflix is becoming a real threat. The 2017 Tech Survey was completed by over 3,000 South African IT professionals and tech-savvy consumers. The survey results showed that 50% of IT professionals subscribe to DStv, while 22% have a Netflix subscription.

ShowMax was third, on 13%. When it comes to music streaming services, Google Play Music was by far the most popular – followed by Apple Music and Deezer. An interesting result was that only 38% of South African IT professionals said they pirate content, down from over 50% a year ago.

The lower percentage of pirates is likely linked to improved on-demand content from DStv and the growth of Netflix and ShowMax in South Africa.

A summary of the 2017 Tech Survey results related to media streaming is provided below.

Media Services

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