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New Apple MacBook Pro – Consumer Reports recommendation not gone yet

Consumer Reports has updated[1] the status of its review of the new Apple MacBook Pro, hinting that its “Recommended” rating may be back on the table. The publication stated that, after working with Apple, it found “an issue” which occurred when the MacBook Pro was being tested. Consumer Reports stated that the variable battery life of the MacBook Pro was the reason it did not receive a recommended rating.

“Apple says that the variable battery performance we experienced is a result of a software bug in its Safari web browser that was triggered by our test conditions,” said Consumer Reports. Apple said Consumer Reports was “using a hidden Safari setting for developing websites which turns off the browser cache”. Apple has now issued a software fix through its Beta Software Program to address the issue.

“We have now downloaded the software fix and are rerunning our battery tests with the fix in place on the same computers previously tested,” said Consumer Reports.

“If the battery life results are consistently high, the ratings score for MacBook Pros would rise, and those laptops will then receive Consumer Reports’ Recommended rating,” stated the publication.

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Consumer Reports won’t recommend new Apple MacBook Pro

Consumer Reports is sticking with its initial verdict of the new Apple MacBook Pro, not giving it a “recommended” rating. According to a report by Mashable[1], the organisation said conducting more tests on the MacBook Pro will not change its rating. “In this case, we don’t believe re-running the tests are warranted for several reasons.

First, experiencing very high battery life on MacBooks is not unusual for us – in fact we had a model in our comparative tests that got 19 hours,” it said. “Second, we confirmed our brightness with three different meters, so we feel confident in our findings using this equipment. Finally, we monitor our tests very closely.

There is an entry logged every minute, so we know from these entries that the app worked correctly.”

This comes after Apple said it was working with Consumer Reports to understand its review and that the findings did not resonate with Apple’s “extensive lab tests or field data”.

This is the first time Consumer Reports hasn’t recommended a MacBook Pro model, stated the report.

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New MacBook Pro easily beats superior Windows laptops – Video Editor

Professional video editor Thomas Grove Carter has stated that the new MacBook Pro easily beats similarly-configured Windows laptops when it comes to his line of work. Carter’s review was published in the Huffington Post[1], where he detailed using the 15-inch MacBook Pro for the editing of video in Final Cut Pro. The specifications of his machine were not detailed.

“First off, it’s really fast. I’ve been using the MacBook Pro with the new version of FCP X and cutting 5K ProRes material all week, it’s buttery smooth,” he said. “No matter what you think the specs say, the fact is the software and hardware are so well integrated it tears strips off superior spec’d Windows counterparts in the real world.”

Carter added that the lack of non-USB Type C ports was not an issue for him.

“I already use USB-C Samsung T3 SSDs as my external drives.

I’ll probably have a Thunderbolt 3 dock at my desk for expandability, but that will ultimately just replace the Thunderbolt/mini-display converters I already need to support legacy displays.”

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