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New 21.7-inch iMac has upgradeable processor and RAM – Teardown

iFixit has torn down[1] one of Apple’s new 21.7-inch iMacs. In what it describes as “a major win for upgradability”, iFixit discovered that the iMac sports removable SO-DIMM RAM modules. The details of the chips on the RAM are: SK Hynix H5AN8G6NAFR 8 Gb DDR4 SDRAM.

Each module has 4 chips, with 4GB per DIMM. iFixit also discovered that the new iMac has a modular Intel CPU which uses a standard LGA 1151 CPU socket. It noted that neither of the components are easily accessible, but said “for the first time in years, it’s possible to replace or upgrade the CPU without a reflow station, and that’s a big win”.

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