Apple Campus 2

Apple’s new $5-billion spaceship campus – photos, video

Construction of Apple’s £5-billion Campus 2 project is progressing steadily and it will be finished later this year. Built in Cupertino, California, the campus occupies 71 hectares and will house up to 13,000 employees. The main building will surround a central courtyard with apricot, olive, and apple orchards.

It is projected that 80% of the total campus will consists of green space and the vast amount of landscaping required is expected to be completed later this year. The campus will be one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and solar panels cover the roof of the main and secondary buildings. Drone photographers have revealed the current state of the project, showing the main building nearing completion.

YouTube drone photographers Matthew Roberts[1] and Duncan Sinfield[2] captured images of the construction site, posted below. Apple Campus 1 Apple Campus 2

Apple Campus 3 Apple Campus 4 Apple Campus Overhead

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