Nenana Ice Classic tripod could topple within days

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NENANA, Alaska (KTUU) The iconic black and white tripod of the Nenana Ice Classic could topple in just days, making someone (or many someones) very happy this spring.

The annual guessing game’s hotline said Sunday morning that the ice on the Tanana River is expected to go out in the next 3-5 days. Temperatures in the area are still below freezing each night, but during the day, standing water is visible around the tripod. The deadline to make your guess and get your ticket was April 5, so if you didn’t guess this year, you’re out of luck.

In 2016 the ice went out on April 23 at 3:39 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Remember that the tripod clock stays in Standard time, while we have already “sprung ahead” to Alaska Daylight Time. The 2016 jackpot of $300,000 was split between 44 correct guesses. Here’s a data visualization of past ice breakups and ice thickness:

Nenana Ice Classic Tripod Could Topple Within Days

(App users, to view the interactive data visualization, follow this link1).

Data is sourced from the Nenana Ice Classic2.

Organizers keep a running list of winning dates and times, dating back to 1917.

While the running list of ice measurements only dates back to 1989.


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