Movie tickets in South Africa offer great value for money

Even when compared to countries like the United States and United Kingdom, a movie ticket in South Africa still offers great value for money. That’s according to Wanda Matandela, the CEO of Ster-Kinekor. Speaking to MyBroadband, Matandela said that despite their high exposure to foreign exchange and the weak rand, Ster-Kinekor has managed to keep ticket prices in check.

An investigation of US and UK movie ticket prices shows that South African cinema-goers do get a good deal on tickets. In the three countries, we looked at the full adult ticket price of a 3D movie in opening week – during prime viewing times. Average movie ticket prices for the UK and US are occasionally published and these are also included.

The table below shows that South Africa’s most expensive Real3D movie ticket in a non-premier cinema (not Cine Prestige) is cheaper than the average prices in the US and UK.

It also shows South African and UK ticket prices adjusted for purchasing power using the World Bank’s 2015 purchasing power parity conversion index.

No PPP adjustment for average movie ticket prices is given, as a conversion of an average price would not yield a meaningful result.

Movie ticket price comparison


Adjusted for PPP

Ster-Kinekor 3D R91 £16.50
US Regal 3D R207.39 (£15.50) £15.50
US AMC 3D R236.69 (£17.69) £17.69
US Average R115.20 (£8.61) N/A
UK Odeon Camden R244.85 (?14.75) £21.28
UK Odeon London Tottenham R281.37 (?16.95) £24.46
UK Average R119.69 (?7.21) N/A

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