Amazon Drive

Amazon ends unlimited storage deal

The unlimited cloud storage deal in Amazon Drive is no more, The Verge reported[1]. Amazon used to allow unlimited storage for £60 per year, or £12 per year for a photos-only plan. It has restructured its offering to only have two tiers:

  1. 100GB for £11.99 per year
  2. 1TB for £60 per year

You can then buy additional space for £60 per terabyte per year, with a limit of 30TB.

The changes are effective immediately, but those on the unlimited plan will keep it until their year expires.

Unlimited photo storage is still available as part of an Amazon Prime subscription, and if you sign up for Amazon Drive you get 5GB of storage space for free.

Users will have 180 days to download their data – Amazon then begins deleting files, starting with the latest files uploaded, until their account falls within the new limits.

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