Broadband Meeting In Fowlerville Will Refine Supportive Resolution

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Broadband Meeting In Fowlerville Will Refine Supportive Resolution

December 14, 2016

Broadband Meeting In Fowlerville Will Refine Supportive Resolution

The public is invited to attend a community meeting in Fowlerville tonight to discuss and finalize a resolution supporting better internet coverage in rural areas. The Rural Broadband Initiative is a movement focused on what can be done to build better internet coverage in rural communities. The initiative is built on the belief that broadband internet access is imperative to enhancing the overall quality of life and will increase property values, which has led some municipalities to consider creating their own networks. Broadband internet access for rural communities requires financing at a local level because there is no funding available in Lansing to support it, according to past remarks from state representatives. The Rural Fowlerville Broadband Initiative Group will hold a work session at Fowlerville High School this evening in the Media Center/Library beginning at 7pm. There, a template resolution in support of the initiative will be edited and refined, and then delivered to all stakeholder organizations. Handy Township discussed the incomplete draft resolution at their board meeting last night, but Supervisor Ed Alverson’s thoughts on the matter haven’t changed much since the initiative was first introduced several months ago.

The group is looking for funding sources and Alverson says, “It’d be one thing for Handy Township to support a resolution, but there is no money” to help fund the endeavor. (DK)

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