Almond 3 mesh router

Fight against Mirai-like botnet attacks

Securifi has launched[1] an IoT device security service to protect against Mirai-like botnet attacks using machine learning. More than 1.5 million smart home devices have been affected by the Mirai botnet over the last few months. Securifi’s IoT security service combats this issue by protecting connected home devices like DVRs, IP cameras, and smart thermostats from online threats.

The service currently only works with Securifi’s Almond 3 mesh router.

Almond 3 uses machine learning algorithms to identify devices prone to Mirai-like botnet attacks, using the following features:

  • Automatically detect all devices prone to Mirai-like botnet attacks in your network.
  • Flag devices with an unusual traffic pattern.
  • Almond 3 will only monitor outbound traffic from these devices and will not decrypt any data packets.
  • Automatically detect zombie devices.

Pricing for the service will be £3.99 per month for a limited period and will increase to £9.99 per month when additional features are rolled out.

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