Dark Horse's Witcher III Figures Are Pretty Damn Good

Dark Horse and CD Projekt Red have joined forces to create all sorts of Witching memorabilia, starting with a gorgeous set of premium action figures launching this spring. Come gaze upon them.

On display at Toy Fair 2016, the initial wave of figures based on The Witcher III: Wild Hunt will feature most of the faces fans will want to see recreated in plastic. Faces like the grizzled mug of Geralt of Rivia, Witcher extraordinaire. Geralt looks to come with everything a growing monster hunter needs to get the job done. Silver sword?

Check. Steel sword? Check. Jaundice? Check. Next up we have Triss Merigold, AKA my favourite. The red hair, the dramatic pose, the excellent eyebrows.

Notice the patterns on her top. That s some quality work there. Hopefully the detail on these prototypes will remain intact in production, but I ll just settle for the freckles. Next we have option B, Yennefer, the quarter elf with the violet eyes. Long, flowing black hair, violet eyes, black and white clothing?

Yes, she s all there. If she smells of lilac and gooseberries she ll be well worth the $US30 ($42) asking price. I m not feeling the face as much as Triss , but I guess magically enhanced looks get rid of skin blemishes and such. Those boots, though they are some nice boots. You saw mini female Geralt in the top image of the post.

The rest of her features a ton of tiny details and amazing colour work. It s a toss-up between Ciri and Triss as far as my favourite figures of the initial line go. If the studded leather leggings look that good on store shelves then Ciri is a shoe-in. Yennefer, Triss and Geralt form the first half of line line, while Ciri and this ugly bastard take up the rear.

It wouldn t be much of a Wild Hunt without a king. Without Eredin the game would be The Witcher III: Milling About Doing Nothing.

Dark Horse s The Witcher III figures are due out this spring, packaged in a premium window box and sold to you for $US30 ($42) apiece. After that the floodgates open, and Dark Horse puts out all of The Witcher things. Statues, props, replicas.

Fans will be up to their asses in officially licensed joy.

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