The Impact of Broadband on Business Growth and Productivity

Today’s businesses rely heavily on the Internet more than ever. Almost all business apps are hosted online. Broadband speed can make or break your business. The speed of your internet service impacts how quickly employees have access to cloud apps like email, employee collaboration tools, and Customer Relationship Managment apps. A slow connection not only damages the overall customer experience, but it also lowers your overall company’s productivity.

Speed has long-term effect on productivity

If you or your employees spend half of each day online doing research, accessing business process applications or dealing with customers and vendors, the importance of great broadband1 cannot be overemphasized. Think about the time employees waste watching as files take forever to upload or download. All that inefficiency has a cost, and the simplest solution is a faster internet connection.

Broadband has an enormous impact on your bottom line. Get reliable broadband for your business. Consider business broadband from TalkTalk2 for your small business internet needs.

Faster broadband means better employee collaboration

Collaboration is increasingly becoming crucial for business growth. A better internet connection makes for faster sharing of content, ideas, and resources. Video conferencing also requires reliable broadband to avoid poor quality communication. It pays to invest in a faster business broadband for reliable video communication. For businesses that have embraced cloud computing, it means constant uploading and downloading of content, and that can take time, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

Access to Cloud based storage solutions becomes much more efficient if you have a faster broadband connection. The benefits of higher bandwidths for small businesses3 are substantial.

Better broadband supports business growth

Faster business broadband supports multiple users and reduces their impact on your overall connection. With older, slower broadband packages, the more users you have online at one time, the slower your Internet speed will become. The size of your business is a key factor to consider when considering business broadband4 packages. If the majority of your employees spend their time away from the office and simply need to check emails, then a standard package may be of benefit to you, to reduce costs but maintain a good connection.

On the other hand, if almost all your employees spend their whole work day at the office, upgrade your broadband to accommodate their internet needs. As your business grows, so can your solution. You may only have a few employees, but if your business has complex technology needs such as online payments, video conferencing and e-commerce, you’ll need a higher bandwidth connection. You should also consider after sale service when choosing an internet provider. How fast can they recover from service outages and disruptions? Undoubtedly, a slow connection translates in unsatisfied consumers, less profit, and operational inefficiencies.

To stay competitive, your business needs an Internet partner that delivers the performance, reliability, and value-added services critical to your business. Don’t compromise on quality. Broadband technologies should meet your company’s current bandwidth needs, but it should be positioned to meet future needs as well. Don’t just look for a deal that you feel is within your budget, connectivity is now more important than ever.



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