Bharti Airtel offers up to 1000GB data under Big Byte broadband plan

Mumbai: Bharti Airtel, India’s largest telecom operator in terms of subscriber base with over 25 crore customers, has a new plan to disrupt business of its ‘arch’ rival Reliance Jio which is bringing its cheapest feature phone JioPhone in market in August 2017.

Airtel has unveiled a 1,000GB data plan for its broadband users in a limited period scheme in order to beat the aggressive pricing and dirt cheap internet packs being offered by Reliance Jio, according to a report on the NDTV. The additional data that Airtel is offering is in the form bonus internet it is providing in monthly rental plans starting from Rs 599 to Rs 1,999, Bharti Airtel said on its website. The bonus data will be valid till March 31, 2018 and the internet under the scheme comes with a higher speed of in the range of 8Mbps to 100Mbps depending on the kind of plan that you subscribe to.

The offer is “valid only for online purchase”, according to Bharti Airtel’s website.

Airtel extends its V-Fiber broadband service to Pune

Airtel Extends Its V-Fiber Broadband Service To Pune

V-Fiber, in case you didn’t know is based on Vectorization which is considered Europe’s top fixed broadband technology and can offer speeds up to 100 Mbps.

After launching it in Mumbai Mumbai1 and Chennai earlier and Ahmedabad this week, Bharti Airtel2 hai now extended its V-Fiber broadband service to Pune. V-Fiber, in case you didn’t know is based on Vectorization3 which is considered Europe’s top fixed broadband technology and can offer speeds up to 100 Mbps. Unlike standard implementation of a new broadband technology, V-Fiber is a green technology and doesn’t require any new wiring or drilling at an existing customer’s premises instead a user just needs to upgrade to a new V-Fiber modem. To test out the new V-Fiber speeds, existing Airtel4 broadband users in Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and now Pune can subscribe to the new service with no extra monthly cost. If not satisfied within one month, the existing users can opt out of the subscription and all the money including modem charges will be refunded.

On the other hand, new customers, can subscribe to V-Fiber broadband with plans starting from Rs 699 and can subsequently avail the 3 months unlimited offer. To put on your requests, visit or call on 18001030121.

Airtel6 V-Fiber deployment is a part of Airtel7‘s nationwide network transformation initiative – Project Leap started last year and the telecom operator aims to extend V-Fiber service to 87 cities in near future. Under the initiative, Airtel8 is also augmenting its 550,000 Kms of domestic & international fiber/submarine cable capacity in order to drive down latency, improve customer experience and serve the growing demand of data services in years to come. The Company is also increasing caching of content at its data centres to improve data experience for customers. Apart from this, the telecom operator also introduced free voice calling for all its broadband users and extra 5GB for every postpaid or DTH connection.


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Airtel launches VFiber 100Mbps broadband service in Ahmedabad

Airtel Launches VFiber 100Mbps Broadband Service In Ahmedabad

Airtel launches VFiber 100Mbps broadband service in Ahmedabad Ahmedabad,Dec24:Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), India’s largest telecommunications services provider, today announced launch of ‘V-Fiber’ in Ahmedabad, to offer superfast broadband to its customers. ‘V-Fiber’ is based on Vectorization – Europe’s No.

1 fixed broadband technology – and will deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps over Airtel’s existing broadband footprint in the city. V-Fiber’ will transform the home broadband for Airtel customers with consistently superfast data speeds and enable HD video streaming, heavy file downloads and uploads in a multi-device environment (over Wi-Fi).

‘V-Fiber’ is a green technology and there is no new wiring, drilling etc. required at an existing customer’s premises. One simply needs to upgrade to a new ‘V-Fiber’ modem.

Airtel is the first operator in India to deploy Vectorization technology, which turbo charges the last mile copper with advanced noise elimination technology (just like in audio systems) to deliver superfast data speeds. With V-Fiber, Airtel has brought fiber into colonies & neighborhoods and upgraded exchanges. Existing Airtel broadband customers can upgrade to ‘V-Fiber’ speeds to enjoy superfast data speeds at no extra monthly cost. If they are not happy with the service within one month, Airtel will refund the activation charges and the amount will be adjusted in the next bill cycle. New customers can avail the 3 month unlimited offer and subsequently choose exciting V-Fiber plans starting from Rs.


Existing and new customers can register their requests at or call on 18001030121.


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