Airbus drone taxi makes first flight

The Airbus Vahana[1] aircraft, which is all electric and self-piloted, has completed its first flight. The Vahana test flight lasted 53 seconds, and the aircraft reached a height of 5m before descending safely. Vahana is a project developed at A3, which aims to meet the growing need for urban mobility.

“In just under two years, Vahana took a concept sketch on a napkin and built a full-scale, self-piloted aircraft that has successfully completed its first flight,” said Vahana project executive Zach Lovering.

The Vahana team will start additional testing in the future.

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The future of helicopters – Airbus

Airbus Helicopters has unveiled what is calls the future of high-speed rotorcraft, the Racer helicopter[1]. The Racer – Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft – will cruise at a speed of over 400km/h, with assembly expected to start in 2019. The vehicle will feature a “box-wing” design, which will ensure safety and cost-efficiency.

“Optimised for performance and low acoustic signature, these lateral rotors as well as the main rotor will be driven by two RTM322 engines,” said Airbus. The chopper will also feature a new high voltage direct current electrical generation, which will significantly contribute to weight reduction. Airbus Graphic

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