Malware attack on MTNL broadband

Several broadband connections of state-run MTNL here were suffered after a malware attack on Friday. The company officials said the situation is “under control now”. The attack impacted services at many households with malfunctioning of the broadband services. The attack on enterprise connections is still not clear, though according to the sources, operations were also impacted there. Acording to MTNL, the company was noticing the issue since Thursday. “We have been taking action to sort out the matter, and are confident that the issue will be rectified very soon,” the official, who requested anonymity, said.

The company said that it is adopting a variety of measures to tackle the issue. “The modem has to be re-configurated to manage the problem.”

For the MTNL consumers, who are calling its helpline, the company is providing immediate “on-phone rectification” helpline. “We are also contacting subscribers on our own. Apart from this, we are also replacing the modem of subscribers where there is a serious issue due to the malware.”

It is also advising its customers to follow certain steps to re-boot the modem. “There is a reset button on every modem that needs to be pressed for a few seconds. This is equal to taking the system on to the factory settings mode.”

The teleco is yet to detect the origin of the malware attack. When asked whether the company is also coordinating with the Ministry of IT to look into the matter, the official said he is not aware of any such exercise. The government has asked various telecom and banking companies to be careful about virus attacks and malware, especially as the country moves over to digital transactions.


Arkansas ramps up data center consolidation, caps off K-12 broadband

As a massive K-12 broadband project ends, state IT Director Yessica Jones prepares for another big project: data center consolidation. With the end of Arkansas’ K-12 broadband effort in sight1, state Chief Technology Officer and Director of the Department of Information Systems, Yessica Jones, is gearing up for the next big project: data center consolidation.

“We are in phase one of our project,” Jones told StateScoop in April at the National Association of State Chief Information Officers midyear conference. “We’re going to be doing an assessment of the IT infrastructure across state agencies, and we’re hoping to gain some understanding of the cost analysis of our current infrastructure statewide.”

In addition to gaining that understanding, Jones says the state is also looking to find a path to where it hopes to be in the future on IT infrastructure. Any effort like this, she says, includes effective planning and strategizing.

“Any enterprise project requires effective planning on prioritizing the projects that we are pursuing based on the governor’s and our strategic vision,” Jones says. “I think that’s very key, and of course, initial and ongoing support from our partners as well as collaboration and cooperation from our stakeholders.”

Data center consolidation — which Jones says will include input from several executive agencies in Arkansas state government — is not the CTO’s first foray into enterprise-wide collaboration.

Earlier this year, the state completed a risk assessment across agencies.

“We required agencies to allow us to go onsite to check out their cybersecurity environment,” Jones says. “We ask the agencies to allow us to install an important security system, so that required a lot of trust and confidence in our agency.”


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