Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA)

DStv will stop advertising movies it isn’t showing

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa has accepted[1] DStv’s promise that it will stop showing a “misleading” BoxOffice commercial. This follows a complaint from a viewer who stated that the commercial for DStv BoxOffice was misleading the public. “The commercial shows several Academy Award statues together with the names of four films – Hidden Figures, Hacksaw Ridge, La La Land, and Moonlight – as well as the number of Oscar nominations,” stated the report.

“The commercial ends with the claim: BoxOffice by DStv HAS THE GOLD.” The complainant said the TV commercial was “designed to mislead the public into believing that these films are currently available to view on DStv BoxOffice”. This is despite none of the films being available on the platform at the time.

MultiChoice stated that the advertisement “promotes the types of films that a subscriber can expect from BoxOffice”.

It denied that the advertisement was designed or intended to mislead the public, but agreed that its message may be misleading.

“The respondent has undertaken to not use the television commercial again in its current form,” said the ASA.

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Save the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa

The IAB SA has invited people to “Save the ASA”, a meeting where industry speakers will discuss the importance of self-regulation in the advertising space. “We cannot let this role be assumed by government,” said the IAB. This comes after the ASA applied for business rescue in 2016 to help it restructure the organisation, while reviewing its funding model.

“Losing the ASA would be a truly sad day for not only the advertising industry, but more importantly for proponents of industry self-regulation in any form in South Africa,” said Andrew Allison, head of the IAB SA Regulatory Affairs Council. “The ASA has served advertisers and consumers tirelessly for more than 50 years and has always championed the highest standards of honesty and fairness across the industry. It has certainly had its issues in recent years, but these are already in the process of being resolved.”

In the invitation, the IAB said the ASA is in dire need of funding.

During the meeting, which it said was convened by the business rescue practitioners, a number of resolutions will be tabled.

This will give effect to a new management team and board, a leaner organisational structure, a long-term funding model, and a streamlined adjudication process.

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