SAMS in little Littlebeck is getting connected to the world

Getting a mobile signal in Littlebeck depends on the waves bouncing off leaves on trees and in winter there are none! So, for safety s sake with sharp tools involved we need a phone line close to hand, just in case. With a line comes the possibility of broadband communication that opens up a window on a world of interest. We can even Skype with our twinned Shed in Australia (at the right time of day!). Thus Shedder Graham duly discussed with BT the issue to discover Littlebeck Chapel was not on the list of properties on their register and to explain the fact that he only occupied a pew for an hour on a Sunday and did time at the Shed. No, Graham did not live there and BT did their credit check on his home address.

Well, I imagine you can guess the rest. The paperwork was duly sent to him at Littlebeck Chapel. However, the Royal Mail (were not they and BT one some time ago!) were alert to the fact that no-one lived at the Chapel and diverted the letter to his house number (33) but sadly to the wrong road. However, the Ventresses are so infamous that the person at that address knew their association with the Chapel.

Hallelujah, Graham now has the letter!

Maybe the Sleights jungle drums are more effective than broadband?