Using Webinars For Business —

GoToWebinar, AnyMeeting, MeetingBurner, Google Hangouts there are so many webinar options to choose from. But which do you use? And why are so many businesses rushing to embrace webinar technology to boost prospects, leads and sales?

There s no doubt about it, with broadband speeds now so fast and reliable, webinars are the 21st Century way to do business. But very few dare to try them without proper guidance, tuition and coaching. These informative slides assume zero knowledge of webinars and will talk you through the services available, the pros and cons of the main options, the essential equipment that you need to use and the main webinar models which work best in these online events.

In this presentation you will learn

  • Why you can generate 10x more prospects, more leads, more sales and more income just by hosting webinars
  • The essential tools to use when running webinars
  • How you can become a webinar presenter TODAY using resources which are 100% FREE
  • My Fast Start Success Tips which guarantee that everyone can run a webinar, without a list of subscribers or a product
  • 5 Ninja Tips which will put you directly in the slipstream of the webinar professionals
  • Time-saving techniques that will save you $$$ in training costs and hours and hours of learning!

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Using Webinars For Business —

Using Webinars For Business

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