TV white space pilot successfully completed in Oman

The California-based company stated that it is the first time that TVWS is being deployed in the Middle East, with the project demonstrating the ability to provide broadband communications to far flung places in Oman. TVWS refers to the unused broadcasting frequencies in the wireless spectrum. Television networks leave gaps between channels for buffering purposes, and this space in the wireless spectrum is similar to what is used for 4G and so it can be used to deliver widespread broadband Internet.

“TVWS equipment utilises vacant channels of the UHF TV broadcast spectrum to deliver broadband wireless services resulting from legacy TV channel plans.

TV band spectrum is largely underutilised in most places most of the time and provides abundant spectrum that can be used for broadband wireless,” stated the company. In the pilot project, the sites included schools under the Ministry of Education, an Oman Broadband point of presence (POP), and residential villas.

“It was conducted in the suburbs of the capital city, with widespread hilly terrains and scattered buildings in between the links. The result of the trial was positive with up to 20Mbps delivered over distances of 4 to 10+ km. It has demonstrated the superior performance of Adaptrum devices in penetrating trees and concrete buildings without line-of-sight,” company said. Eng Said al Mandhari, CEO, Oman Broadband Company, said, “Universal access to broadband in Oman is essential to unlock the potential and boost growth in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, and Oman Broadband has been tasked with rolling out broadband infrastructure to provide that access.

TRA of Oman mandated us to conduct trials of TVWS technology.

The combination of coverage and capacity, delivered by TVWS Technology using Adaptrum’s solution, enables us to extend the reach of our broadband infrastructure especially for remote and rural areas.”

A lot of advance preparation work was carried out before launching the pilot. “The throughput results are excellent and TVWS technology can offer a cost-effective solution to deliver broadband connectivity to underserved areas in Oman with added advantage of rapid deployment and cost efficiencies,” said Ajay Kapoor, who leads the company’s project team.

“Adaptrum has proven in over 25 countries across five continents, that TVWS is the affordable solution for connecting unconnected communities,” said Haiyun Tang, CEO of Adaptrum. “With this deployment, Oman Broadband Company and Adaptrum have proven that Adaptrum’s solution provides the performance and reliability needed to address the digital divide throughout Oman and across the Middle East.”

Eng Khalfan al Amri, head of Technology Development, Oman Broadband Company, said, “With this successful pilot, Oman Broadband is looking ahead to a nationwide rollout of TVWS technology into underserved communities like remote and rural areas to deliver high-speed broadband at affordable prices.

Oman Broadband is also exploring providing communications to enterprises in the remote rural areas as an alternative to costly satellite-based services.”