Abu-Huraira Oman Abdalla

“Fake” Full HD TV recall in South Africa

Massmart has quarantined TVs which are being sold as Full HD (1080p), but have HD Ready panels (720p) in them and has initiated a product recall for the units. [Read: Alarm raised over Full HD TV “lie” in South Africa[1]]. The recall follows an investigation by MyBroadband and ISACA member Abu-Huraira Oman Abdalla, which showed that a “Full HD” 32-inch Telefunken TV sold at Game stores sported an HD Ready panel.

The Telefunken TV – TLEDD-32FHDB – was sold by Game, which is owned by Massmart, and distributed by Nu-World in South Africa. Game initially told MyBroadband that the TV complied with the relevant standards and laws, and that “we believe the product is compliant”. Nu-World said “the unit is sold as a TV”, supports Full HD “dependent on source through HDMI”, and that it “makes no claim to native resolution”.

Telefunken said it is only a “licenser” and that its licensee and distribution partner in South Africa, Nu-World, should comment on the issue.

“Full HD” TV recall

Game’s position has now changed, with Massmart announcing a recall on the TVs in question. Massmart’s communications manager Refilwe Boikanyo told MyBroadband that they have investigated the matter and gathered further information from Nu-World. “The result is that we have determined that the supplier has incorrectly labelled the product as Full HD, when in fact it should have been labelled HD Ready,” said Boikanyo.

Massmart has quarantined the product and instructed the supplier to alert affected Game customers as part of a product recall.

32-inch Telefunken TV

The images below show the 32-inch Telefunken TV which was promoted as a Full HD TV. TV-Box-Image TV-Box-Image

Telefunken TV test

Telefunken TV test

Now read: Alarm raised over Full HD TV “lie” in South Africa[2]


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