50GB Free Data

No speed difference with MTN 50GB free data

The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) has dismissed a complaint against MTN’s Fri-YaY 50GB data deal, which alleged that free data in the package is served over a “lower bandwidth line”. The complainant argued that MTN’s advertising neglected to clarify that an additional 50GB of mobile data which forms part of the deal is put on a “lower bandwidth line” – which results in slow connectivity and inferior performance. MTN refuted the allegation, stating that the complainant was using a 3G-only device (an Asus FE170CG Fonepad 7), which has a WAP Proxy configuration that was affecting his data speeds.

“To remedy the situation, the complainant should either remove the Proxy IP address, or the complainant could dial *123*13# to receive new APN configuration settings,” said MTN.

“Clearly the complainant’s experience and frustration is as a result of a technical setting, and not as a result of misleading advertising,” said MTN.

The ASA ruled that the technical issue was behind the slow Internet speeds, and subsequently dismissed the complaint.

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