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I am sick to death of these so called bouncers they cause most of the trouble. I have seen them in Dublin refusing people entry to the premises because they dont like the look of them,because they are not regulars ( how do you become a regular if they don t let you in???) They should be hired to monitor and only engage with the customers if they are causing trouble. I don t normally comment on things of this nature but that is the most disturbing thing I have ever seen, and I would be scared for any young person who had one drink too many

Lazy journalism. Obviously not ireland

This bouncer should be put in prison

I think yous are all a bit stupid to be honest. It does not say it is in Ireland Bell Ends !! It says he is an Irish Bouncer. There s a difference

Why hasn t this been retracted or removed?

I hope he was charged and lost his job bouncers need to be trained and licen

how do you know the bouncer is irish. It s an SIA UK license he s wearing, not a DSP one. Both of these bouncers should be charged and sacked..disgusting.

I don t advocate the other guys behaviour but are t bouncers supposed to be trained on how to handle disruptive and antisocial behaviour? Doesn t say a lot about the club either and their staff. That s not in Ireland. All the accents are English. Why say it s in Ireland?

Definately out of order but wasnt in ireland they are newcastle accents

english taxis not in ireland check ur story before putting it online retract it

Blue licence in the UK not Ireland

NOT ireland, NOT an Irish bouncer, happened 3 years ago! ffs, this site is gone to the dogs

That ape would have done some damage to someone in the bar. And then all the bleeding hearts would wonder who left him in. Not Ireland though, so would advise stop following moronic

James Brennan:
You d abetted check your story before publishing this!!! Clearly this incident didn t not take place in Ireland and you should print a retraction of the story. Fecken idiots like this that give actual journalist a bad name. Disgracefull behaviour, Gardai should investigate..

This has been about for over a year

Thats in england. Yas are all so gullable. Look into things a bit more will yas. That s in the UK u tools Geordie accents sterling prices and English reg on car and he was throwing enough punches himself ffs

This vid was on the net 18 months ago im sure it was in England

Since when did our taxis have UK registrations? Baded on the accents this happened in the North East of England.

So please get your facts right!! Yeh nice one liberal if ya think thats ireland then youd want to get your lamps checked. Pound signs on promotion poster english accents, english plates on the taxi of which isnt an irish taxi. Get the fact right before posting this bolox. Tha bouncer is a big juiced up bellend . like most bouncers hang the baldy fuck. And that youngfella prob deserved a few slaps anyways.

A suplex onto the dome is a bit much

Sack the dirty tramp, jail would be too good for him, I m sure his bouncer days are over, what an idiot. That s clearly not an Irish bouncer and that is somewhere in the UK, the car reg is a UK reg and the advertising sign also shows prices in pound sterling.. I am not a fan of bouncers but This video has been on the Internet for a long time I seen this a long time ago even in fight compilations videos

This is in the uk look at the taxis and the reg is uk. Gobshites

Disgraceful this bouncer should be sacked and put in prison for causing so much harm

Not in Ireland unless the taxis changed their plates and everyone developed an english accent !!!

Get your facts right that s in England. And is at least 4 years ago when that video was posted.and how do u know the bouncer is Irish. There was no talk between the 2 of them involved. Your just as bad as the Sunday world with your assumptions.reserch your story and don t print welcome to Ireland. When clearly the video is in England. Disgraceful reporting.

If you re gonna make up a story at least get it correct
(1) Its not Ireland its Newcastle
(2)The Bouncer is not Irish
(3)This Rag is as bad as TheSun

why do you say this is irish?? those are northern english(newcastle) area accents from the people around. the car on the left has english reg which would be rare enough in ireland. get your facts right before posting such stuff to the net please

Not Irish. Car has Brit plates. Disgraceful behaviour. Should have his licence revoked..

that video is a few years old lol. and not in ireland . seen this at least 2 years ago . its newcastle for fucks sake

This is not in Ireland. You need to correct this

Complete tripe reporting from the liberal as usual, i heard 2 scottish accents, also a price on the boards are in pounds not euros..

This is in Newcastle? It s a blue SIA licence(UK) on the bouncers arm! The refs of the cars are UK REG, this is UK??! So what s the deal liberal? What s you agenda here?

Why you trying to badmouth Ireland??? Disgraceful journalistic behaviour

These people have Newcastle (Geordie) accents.
Where is this supposed to be? He seems to taunt the bouncer an initiate the fight ,but bouncer should know not to retaliate!!

oh my god is the lad alright

Thats totally out of order that bouncer needs lockin up . That clip is at least 3 years old and is from the uk . The obviously is scraping a barrel for story s

not all bouncers are the same this bouncer has anger issues he should be sacked and charged any one knw was the guy seriously hurt

this came out over 2 years ago, and the fella probably deserved it, you could see him talking shit before the bouncer went over

Disgraceful he could have broke his spine in two. Is that boy ok? If he was causing trouble there were two bouncers there who could have contained the situation until the Gards arrived. Totally unacceptable.

This actually happened in England about 2yrs ago. The bouncer has been brought up for assault last year & he got off. Get your story straight before you comment. & has anybody seen what happened before the filming started? not Ireland look at reg on the car

Disgraceful he needs the jail for that that gbh

It doesnt say its in Ireland at all. Just says an Irish bouncer

Typical Couldn t get your facts straight if they came up and but you on the ass!!

Very bad journalism from The Liberal! Because welcome to Ireland posted the video you just assume it happened in Ireland and recently??? This was in England not ireland and that video has been doing the rounds for well over a year iv seen this a long long time ago where did ye get ur information from and who said it was in Ireland? ?

That s complete and utter BULLSHIT that wasn t the wkend it was ages ago and the scumbag got what he deserved. Charged with assault for what? That other fella threw the first punch GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT

And where did this take place? doesn t sound like an Irish accent?? No Irish accents and the price is in pounds on the sign.

This is in England get your facts wright before you give Irish bouncers a bad name


Not all bouncers are like that. This bouncer should be fired. Charged with assault.