360-degree video

Vimeo launches 360 video support

Vimeo has launched 360 video support on its platform. Users can tilt or drag their finger across the screen to look around on mobile, while on desktop users can click or use the arrow keys to explore. You can also watch 360 videos offline from your phone by tapping the ellipsis next to a video on mobile, followed by “Make available for offline viewing.”

For those with headsets on Android and iOS, tap the headset icon in the mobile player, or scan your headset’s QR code.

Vimeo’s 360 video offers the following features:

  • Upload in up to 8K
  • 4K player
  • Two-pass transcoding
  • Monoscopic and stereoscopic support
  • Download HD video files
  • Pitch and yaw settings
  • 360 badge and compass embed options

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