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Hisense in talks with Cell C and DStv for Fox FIFA deal

Hisense is in discussions to offer FIFA World Cup coverage in South Africa through an app on select TV models, Hisense South Africa GM Youbo Li told MyBroadband. The company announced its partnership with Fox earlier this year to offer the Fox Sports 2018 FIFA World Cup app[1] on its TVs. This will give Hisense TV owners access to Fox Sports’ World Cup content, which comprises multiple digital feeds, including multiple live viewing angles during games.

It will offer live games and near real-time highlights from 37 customisable camera angles in 4K and HDR. In the US, the app will be preloaded onto qualifying smart TVs between March and May. The app’s live streaming features will launch on 14 June 2018, when Russia hosts Saudi Arabia in the opening game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Local support

21st Century Fox and Cell C announced their partnership[2] for South Africa in 2017.

The deal includes live streaming of seven channels, including Fox Sports and Fox Sports 2. Cell C will also offer the Fox+ on-demand video catalogue on its Black platform as part of the deal. “We are currently in discussions with Cell C, but our touchpoint is Fox,” said Li.

Li said there are many companies involved, however, and they will also have to negotiate with DStv to make a deal.

If there is anything concrete to report from the discussions, it will be announced, said Li.

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Disney buys 21st Century Fox film and TV studios

Disney has acquired the 21st Century Fox film and TV studios in a deal worth over £52 billion, The Verge reported[1]. Fox is looking to offload what it regards as dead weight in its entertainment brands to focus on news and sports, according to the report. It will retain control of its broadcast assets in the Fox Sports, Fox News, and Fox Business brands.

Disney will get the 20th Century Fox movie studio, the TV production arm of 20th Century Fox Television, Fox-owned cable networks including FX and National Geographic, as well as the stakes Fox has in international networks like Star TV and Sky. The report stated that Fox plans to acquire full ownership of Sky before its sale to Disney is complete. Disney will also gain a majority share in Hulu as part of the deal.

With Fox’s 30%, Disney will have a 60% controlling stake in Hulu.

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Cell C scores entire 21st Century Fox line-up

Cell C has secured the streaming rights for 21st Century Fox TV channels in South Africa. The deal also includes Fox+, the studio’s video streaming service. This will feature shows like the Walking Dead, Empire, Modern Family, and Homeland.

Fox’s Adam Theiler said the deal is a first for South Africa, and means the first-run rights for Fox’s content no longer sits in one place.

Cell C now has first-run rights for Fox shows, and the subscription video-on-demand window will sit inside Cell C’s Black streaming service[1].


The Fox channels that will launch on Black are:

  • Fox Sports
  • Fox Sports 2
  • Fox Entertainment
  • NatGeo
  • BabyTV
  • Fox News
  • Fox Life

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