2017 Salary Survey

IT fields with the happiest workers in South Africa

MyBroadband’s 2017 Salary Survey results revealed that mobile app developers and C-level executives are the happiest IT professionals in South Africa. The survey was completed by 3,062 South Africans who work in the IT sector, and included executives and professionals from large tech companies. The survey results showed that programmers and developers are also happy in their jobs, while tech support, networking professionals, and designers are the unhappiest.

The results further revealed that networking professionals, tech support, and designers are also more likely to currently be looking for a new job. The field which has the workers which are the least likely to look for a new job is communications and media. This is not surprising, considering the layoffs in the media field in recent years – resulting in workers being happy to hold onto what they have.

The charts below detail the survey results.

Happiness of IT workers


Percentage of IT workers looking for a new job

New Job

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