2-step verification

Google wants users off SMS 2-Step Verification

Google will start prompting[1] 2-Step Verification SMS users to try Google prompt when they sign in. “In addition to offering 2-SV over an encrypted connection, Google prompt allows users to block unauthorised access to their account with real-time security information about the login attempt,” said Google. From next week, Google will start inviting users to try Google prompts.

“The invitation will give users a way to preview the new Google prompts sign in flow instead of SMS.” Google said SMS text message verifications and one-time codes are more susceptible to phishing attempts by attackers. “By relying on account authentication instead of SMS, administrators can be sure that their mobile policies will be enforced on the device and authentication is happening through an encrypted connection.”

The notifications to test Google prompts will only be shown to 2-SV SMS users.

Security key users are unaffected by this change.

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