100Mbps DSL

Telkom to offer 100Mbps DSL

Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko has revealed that they plan to deploy 100Mbps DSL services in South Africa using technology[1]. Maseko made the announcement during Telkom’s annual results presentation for the year ended March 2017. – the ITU-T’s G.9701 specification – was approved in December 2014 and is designed to provide gigabit broadband connection speeds over a single twisted pair cable in existing copper infrastructure.

Currently, the maximum speed Telkom offers over its DSL service is 40Mbps.

Like all broadband speeds over copper, the distance between the user’s location and where the copper line joins a distribution cabinet, for example, affects the quality and speed of the connection.

Where technology can prove valuable, however, is when a copper line is connected from a home to a fibre-backhauled cabinet, allowing higher speeds over the last mile.

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