Protecting Your Children Online

Anyone whose children use the Internet feels caught in a technology paradox. On the one hand, parents know how important it is for children to experience new technologies and the wonderful benefits they offer. On the other hand, they are afraid of the dangers in cyberspace. In many cases, children are more technologically advanced than adults, so some parents may feel intimidated and refrain from enforcing rules that are imperative to protect their children as they surf and socialize online.

Sky can assist by providing security software that can restrict or monitor what children see and do on the Web, taking a lot of pressure off parents to stay current with every new risk. But it’s still important that parents get involved with their children’ online lives, and make sure that their children know how to act and how to react to what they see on the Web.

What sorts of online risks are there?

Meeting a predator online ranks among the worst dangers children face today, but there are many other online experiences that can result in inappropriate or illegal activity. Children need to be told that not everything they read online is true, and that there is a lot of material on the web that is not meant for them. Filtering technologies, child-safe browsers and search engines can restrict where they can surf. Sky works with a number of Government agencies and others to ensure that your children are safe online. Combined with the information below, parents can do lots to further ensure that their children are safe online.

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