MP in debate on future biomass development

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on Wednesday (24/Feb) Ynys M n MP, Albert Owen stated it is in the long term interests of the UK to pursue and develop biomass technology as part of a balanced energy mix. Last month, Mr Owen launched the new proposed Orthios Eco Park project plant near Holyhead which will see 1,200 jobs in construction as well as over 500 permanent jobs across the skills range as well as apprenticeship opportunities once the site is operational. As a former member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee, Albert Owen described the auctioneering process as complicated and confusing with consequences that could lead to the UK losing out on investment if the rules are not simplified.

Albert Owen MP said:

In moving forward we as a nation need low-carbon energy and biomass is a forward thinking solution. Anglesey is a pioneering Island and is home to the first food & energy project/ biomass plant of its kind.

In relation to the debate on renewable energy, we need a level playing field for biomass or at the very least ensure this field is placed in a special category so the technology can be developed further.

What is needed is a truly consensual agreement on energy polices one that is not determined by new proposals and changes after 5 year election cycles. Having attended the Paris climate change conference I know there is concern within the international community that the UK Government is abandoning funding to renewable energy sources.

As is the case in my constituency biomass power plants are good for Britain and good for climate change.

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