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Zinara reinstates 51 workers

Freeman Razemba Senior Reporter
The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (zinara) has reinstated 51 of the workers that it fired last year, following a recent Government directive to take them back. Early this month, Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Dr Joram Gumbo directed zinara to reinstate the workers instead of recruiting new ones. The workers were fired following the July 17, 2015 Supreme Court ruling that allowed companies to dismiss employees on three months notice.

The directive to reinstate the workers came after the roads authority had written to Dr Gumbo requesting that it employs 100 more people in view of the new 10 tollgates to be opened soon in various parts of the country. In an interview yesterday, zinara acting chief executive Engineer Moses Juma confirmed the developments and said reinstating the workers was an ongoing process that they were now conducting. Pursuant to ministry s guidance and advise, zinara has gone ahead in implementing, to this end all the 51 employees have been reinstated effectively 18 January 2016, he said. Eng Juma said they would soon recruit new staff since they will be opening up four of the new tollgates this first quarter of the year. He said the recruitment process was going to be conducted in phases. Dr Gumbo recently said zinara made a request to the ministry that they wanted to employ 100 more people because of the new tollgates set to be opened. He told the road authority that this was going to cut expenses since zinara was going to pay the fired workers their packages and at the same time employ new ones. zinara recently said 10 more tollgates will soon be completed countrywide, with four expected to be finished this month and the rest by April. Four tollgates in Karoi on the Harare-Chirundu Road, Bindura on the Harare-Mount Darwin Road, on the Bulawayo-Gwanda Road and Magamba on the Chivhu-Nyazura Road will be ready this month.

The tollgates at Kazungula on the Victoria Falls-Kazungula Road, Dewure and Lothian on the Masvingo-Mutare Road, Ngundu-Tanganda Road, Chivhu on the Harare-Chivhu Road and at Rutenga on the Masvingo-Beitbridge Road would be ready by April.

The Department of Roads, through its provincial road engineers, started erecting the tollgates in November last year after the gazetting of the necessary Statutory Instrument.

Your Personal Trainer is not a broadband bundle

Hi guys,

Hope you re all keeping well. This little blog is all about the One stop shop PT vs the team of experts and whether your Personal Trainer should have all the skills under the sun. I had an email from Katy in Ontario who was looking to become a Personal Trainer but she was concerned that she didn t have the knowledge some of the other PTs in her area claimed to have. One PT in her area said they were or offered the following;

Weightloss expert. Pre and post natal.

Strength and Conditioning. Group exercise. Sports massage/ Massage therapy.

Qualified physio therapist. Nutrition advice.

Your Personal Trainer Is Not A Broadband BundleSoo much knowledge!!

I think we can all agree that that is an impressive list of skills and they must have taken that PT a long time to aquire. I have no doubt that he is qualified in all these areas and has gone to uni to attain a very impressive set of skills. For someone who is just thinking of becoming a Personal Trainer this can be quite daunting as it makes it look like you need to spend 10 years studying everything under the sun to become a successful PT.

I then had a look around her area for other Personal trainers and found 2 people who only specialise in Weightloss, 1 who specialised in Pre and post natal exercise, 1 strength and conditioning coach and several physios and massage therapists. There were also plenty of dieticians and nutritionists in here area. This, to me, sounds like the potential for a great network of experts. So Katy and I went through the way I like to work at Castle.

We really only do weightloss/toning and Pre- and post natal exercise. It takes a lot of time making sure we stay up-to-date with the latest research and the best exercise methods and I like to make sure my clients get the best service possible. Nutritional research is released all the time and reading studies and all that takes a fair bit of time. Consider that a new-mommy body is at a very delicate stage in life and you really want to make sure you re 100% on top of things as a Personal Trainer.

There simply aren t enough hours in the day for me to focus on any other type of clients. I have a network of experts that I work with and they get to focus on being the best they can be in their fields.

Your Personal Trainer Is Not A Broadband Bundle

We don t do big circuit classes, we really only do 1 on 1, 2 on 1 and 4 on 1 Personal training. Above that you lose the personal touch and you re mainly doing generic, one-size-fits-all, sessions. There are plenty of excellent group exercise classes in Edinburgh and it s not my cup of tea. (Side note; The Crossfit gym in the Gyle is good and Cavefit in Granton is excellent as well. If group exercise is your thing then that s where you should go.)

I refer people to Gareth at Body Work Therapy Ltd1 who is simply the best massage therapist you ll come across in the Edinburgh and Lothian area. When people need a physio I am happy to refer them out to Edphysio. They are superb and my clients that have gone there have always been very happy.

There are also some fantastic strength and conditioning coaches kicking about Edinburgh and for boxing coaching you can not go wrong going to Ian Wren s Precision Fitness2. For me, when it comes to your health you really want to be dealing with experts. See the benefit you get when bundling your TV, Phone and broadband into one handy package is that you re likely to get a discount from your provider.

For some reason most Personal Trainers/Physios/massage therapists who wear more than one hat charge more3.

Your Personal Trainer Is Not A Broadband BundleWhy does this not apply?

If you have a physio that spends their time training people, rather than hitting the books trying to learn and improve their physio skills all the time, you re not getting the best service possible.The same goes for a nutritionist who can t find time to stay on top of the latest developments in their field. A Personal Trainer who only has a few minutes to come up with session plans and programs because they are spread too thin between various disciplines is not providing expert help to their clients anymore. So I told Katy what I tell any aspiring Personal Trainer who gets in touch. Find out what you love to do, which type of client you want to train and then focus on those clients and what they need. Becoming an expert in your field is a much better way to guarantee your clients results than knowing a little bit about everything is.

The choice for you as a client is whether you want to work with an expert or whether you re OK treating your body the same way you do your broadband.

Think about it and take care,


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