Singtel breakdown for more than 10 hours; mobile data charges to be waived

Telco provider, SingTel, announced on its Facebook page earlier this morning (3 December) that some of their customers may be experiencing difficulties accessing their Fibre Broadband services and their engineers are working to resolve the problem. At 11.55am, SingTel wrote that some customers may still be experiencing difficulties accessing their fibre broadband services. It added that its engineers are still investigating the cause behind this.

“Please bear with us as we try to resolve the problem,” it said. Another update was written at 1.30pm. SingTel wrote that its engineers continue working to resolve our fibre broadband outage issues as it advises affected customers who are also SingTel postpaid mobile subscribers to use their SingTel mobile broadband in the meantime.

“We will waive their Singtel mobile data charges for today,” it wrote.

At 7.50pm, SingTel said that its engineers have been working since morning to resolve its fibre broadband issues which have regrettably, caused islandwide disruption, which has affected residential customers and some business customers.

“We are currently still investigating why our servers cannot assign IP addresses to our customers’ modems to enable broadband connectivity. So far, while we have ascertained that the service disruption is not due to a DDoS attack, we are not ruling out other plausible causes,” it said.

SingTel also said that it would be working with its vendors throughout the evening and overnight to isolate the problem and get the broadband services up and running again. SingTel then noted that its TV, mobile and fixed line services are not affected. Fans can still catch their Premier League and other football matches on Singtel TV tonight.

Singtel Breakdown For More Than 10 Hours; Mobile Data Charges To Be Waived

Many customers took to its Facebook page to express their disappointment. Celine Shi Wei Ling wrote that she called SingTel customer service and was being informed that there is no such thing like waiving off for today’s incident. Here are some of what they wrote:

  • Raymond Tan wrote, “A question. How do we know whether our mobile data usage being waived or not? No black & white when the bill arrived as always.”
  • Si Hwee Yeo wrote, “I still received notification that I’ve exceeded my data limit and additionally charges will apply. Please make sure it’s waived automatically.”
  • Celine Shi Wei Ling wrote, “I just called SingTel and check with it.

    There no such thing waive off for today.”

  • Denny Choi wrote, “So if i am not using SingTel mobile plan means i am not being compensated for your SingTel broadband disruption? We are the same customers paying for home broadband service.”
  • Y Vonne Lim wrote, “We are SingTel Fibre Broadband subscriber, but mobile data from other service provider, can we claim the mobile data usage for today then?”
  • Danny Lee wrote, “So those on Fiber broadband no waiver charges??? What kind of bollocks reply is this. So means we suck thumb while still have to be locked down in your subscription contract? Can we use this reason to void it???!! Idiotic customer service recovery”
  • Gavin Kang wrote, “Your application ‘My singtel’ data still shows running leh.. How are you really gonna do it such that today data is waived. And wont it make inconsistency with the reflected data on the application? This is super inconvenient really..

    Why not give a $10 rebate to all affected user instead (some affected are not singtel mobile user)? Have u considered?”

  • Cynyin Ng wrote, “When we didn’t pay the bill on time, SingTel suspend the service very fast. But when we ask for updates, they just quietly hiding behind and no response given. I understand SingTel you may need some time to fix the server or whatever issue but please you should at least update us what’s happening now and what is the action had been taken.”
  • Yvonne Soh wrote, “Waiving data is a pacifier, NOT a solution! SingTel customers are MORE than Pok?mon catchers or text crazy kids in mobile phones! Businesses need WiFi for work to be done on PC or laptops. It is appalling to see that SingTel clearly has NO BACKUP plans to support it’s corporate clients, and is causing our country and people serious economical losses. It’s almost TEN hours…”
  • Sharifah Nur Hidayah Albar wrote, ” “Some customers may be experiencing difficulties accessing their Fibre Broadband services. Our engineers are working to resolve the problem.

    Thank you for your patience.”
    I think the term some is really an understatement. Seems like it’s island wide. The least you can do is to provide some personal touch to each and every of your customers by sending an SMS to inform of the issues.

    Guess we have a lot to learn when it comes to customer services from the Japanese.”

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