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Technology is getting cheaper, smarter and easier to use.

The internet allows greater connectivity amongst people and between machines. And so it is worth considering where it will make a difference in the future.

A healthy life

External technology worn on our bodies and embedded technology worn in our clothes will complement internal technology worn inside our bodies to track our everyday health. Microscopic smart sensors called nanobots will be used to enter our bloodstream and provide live readings and instant feedback on our state of health.

Such products will monitor and inform our habits and behaviours and the information collected will influence fitness plans, lifestyles and even insurance costs. Blood pressure and heart rate readings will be readily available from the clothes we wear and help to identify problems early and avoid serious illness. Medicine and how we manage our health will change as technology in all its forms flags hidden ailments and prevents more serious conditions occurring.

In the home

Greater use of technology in the home has always made life easier as washing machines, hoovers, dishwashers, fridges and other appliances carry out their thankless tasks. But in the future technology will move to a different level as the home and everything in it is managed from smart devices and smartphones in our pockets. Smoke alarms will automatically alert homeowners and contact emergency services once a problem is detected.

Heating systems will self-manage and regulate temperature in response to personal preference and efficiency settings. They will calculate and manage optimum temperatures and individual room settings based on using the least amount of fuel. Washing machines and dishwashers will be managed from smart devices and linked to overall energy plans to ensure efficiency and cost savings.

Money management

Traditional banking will be done on our smartphones and other devices as people will have little need to visit banks and banks will have little desire to entertain customers in person. Business models will change too as demand-led pricing systems already used by airlines and hotels that treat customers as commodities to increase yield spread to other industries.


Driving will change profoundly as driverless cars enter the mainstream and traffic flow is managed to maximise efficiency, improve safety and save the environment. Cars, trucks, trains and planes will be loaded with all kinds of smart devices to make them safer and more reliable.

Travel information too will be directly available as people gain access to what is happening in real-time to see how it affects their journey plans.

And, of course, shopping

Technology and the internet have already turned shopping and the retail industry on its head but the changes have only just begun and are accelerating quickly.

Greater numbers of people will shop from home and often from their couch by using a range of smart devices that combine to disrupt the traditional shopping experience.

SO, technology is getting smaller and smarter and will soon outwit us all unless we manage it, master it, and make the most of it.

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When you re planning a conference or need to arrange a business meeting, you ll want to give the most professional impression possible. Our comfortable and modern facilities can flexibly cater for any event, whether you want to impress a new client or network on a much larger scale.

Omagh Enterprise » Blog Archive Conference And Training Rooms ...

Conference Room

This flexible multi-purpose space accommodates up to 120 people. The room can be set up in a boardroom style, for a large meeting or for training sessions.

Training/Meeting Rooms

These rooms accommodate smaller training sessions, meetings, interviews and workshops.

Catering and Car-parking

It s the little things that help to smooth your working day, so we can take the pain out of parking, while our on-site restaurant provides lots of choice at reasonable cost.

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Expanding your Business

Do you want to find new customers and break into new markets? Do you want to increase your sales and reduce costs? Whether you want to find new customers or suppliers, develop new products or services we offer a variety of business support and mentor programmes.

Export Markets

We realise that breaking into export markets requires research and planning to identify potential new customers. We have specialist business advisers to help you develop export sales and gain entry to international markets. Our business advisers will provide you with support to develop new sales, source new suppliers, develop new products regardless of what sector your business operates in.

Free Advice

Free advice and guidance is provided on a one-to-one basis by our business advisers and can be arranged at a time and place to suit your needs.

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