Madeley Village – Fibre Broadband Update! | Madeley Village

Madeley Village – Fibre Broadband Update! | Madeley Village

You might have spotted new BT green cabinets in various places around the village, often right next to existing cabinets. These are the upgrade that s going on to bring Fibre Broadband to everyone! Update information follows here! If you had broadband before now it will have been ADSL . The internet connection came to the BT Exchange on Furnace lane, and your phone line may be several kilometres of wire to connect back to that. The longer the wire, the lower the speed you get. At best you might get 24Mbps (megabits per second) but realistically you might get 5-10Mbps, which is enough to watch a youtube video or have a skype call, but not enough for everyone in a home to use at the same time.

The latest broadband is called Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) which means that an optic fibre brings the data connection right to the cabinet that is hopefully much nearer your home, and so the very last bit over wires might be only a few hundred metres, which means much higher data speeds. If you re reasonably close to the cabinet, you could get speeds up to 80Mbps, though more likely 50Mbps, but that s more than enough for everyone to be using the internet at the same time, and even better the optic fibre is effectively unlimited in how much it can carry, so you re not having to share the total with everyone else in the same area. There are 8 cabinets serving Madeley, their statuses are :

Madeley Cabinet 1: (The Coach House, The Holborn) : Live!

Madeley Cabinet 2: (Moss Lane): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 3: (Monument View, Crewe Rd, Madeley Heath): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 4: (New Road / Greenmeadows Road) : Coming soon (by April 2016)

Madeley Cabinet 5: ( Morningside ): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 6: ( Last Few Direct Connections! ): Coming later (2016/2017)

Madeley Cabinet 7: ( Bevan Place ): Live!

Madeley Cabinet 8: (Beck Road/Salisbury Close): Live!

If your cabinet is showing as live (it ll be the one you re closest to), then you should already be able to order Fibre Broadband from BT or any of the other internet providers.

The details for this are all available at along with lots of other news and updates.

They have very helpfully explained that the last cabinet for Madeley Cabinet 6 is not actually a cabinet but is the connections for the remaining local premises, and these are more complex ones with lots of extra engineering works required (that usually means having to make new ducts for cables, or running them overhead), but that it will be providing FTTP Fibre To The Premises, so while it might take a bit longer it s worth the wait as that s the best possible type of connection to have.


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John Glen MP | Working hard for the people of Salisbury and South …

Glen: Improving poor mobile signal areas | John Glen MP1

Glen: Improving poor mobile signal areas Posted February 15, 2016 Add Comment THIS week provided an opportunity for me to raise an important local matter in a 30-minute Westminster Hall debate.

For many years the issue of poor or non-existent mobile coverage in many rural areas surrounding Salis


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Salisbury News: Did Net Neutrality Kill Broadband Investment Like …

Last year, when the FCC was preparing to vote on the new Open Internet Order (aka net neutrality ) and its reclassification of broadband Internet as a vital utility, virtually the entire telecom and cable industry claimed this change would ruin investment and slow innovation. But a look at the year-end financial figures for the biggest naysayers casts a lot of doubt on these dire predictions.
One Issue, Two Stories

From changes in market share, competition levels, innovation, to buzzworthy marketing, brand awareness, and public image, there are many ways to measure the success of a business. To stockholders, investors, C-suite executives, and board presidents, though, there s one that matters more than all the others: money. Those good old American dollars have, in one way or another, been at the center of most of the rhetoric about net neutrality but they aren t always saying the same thing. In order to give themselves the best possible positioning, telecoms and cable companies tell two competing stories about their money. One is the story they tell regulators. In both filing with the FCC and in astroturfing campaigns aimed at realigning public perception1, the most common story told by the telecom/cable industry was this: reclassifying broadband as a more heavily regulated Title II utility will hurt investment, hurt innovation, and generally spoil all the fun everyone is having.



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