More broadband misery as extent of problem in Castle Gresley is revealed

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DOZENS of people living with substandard broadband have come forward to express their misery of being unable to work from home, study for university, or even use the phone or the internet at the same time. Following an article in the Mail yesterday, we have been inundated with phone calls revealing the extent of the slow internet issue in Castledon Heights estate, in Castle Gresley. BT said it is investigating the problem which is leaving residents with broadband speeds slower than dial-up internet of 20 years ago.

Sean Doyle, a business development executive who lives in Croydon Close, explained that the issue is embarrassing as he was recently unable to video conference the United Nations, in New York, for work due to the poor broadband speeds of 1.4Mbps. The 44-year-old said: “It’s laughable. I can’t do video conferencing because it keeps buffering. I’m just trying to work and earn a living for my family, but I need the internet as part of what I do.

“There is no chance with things like Netflix, it would be a waste of money.

“When we first moved in we were told we would get fibre optic in the next few months. That was in November 2013. I just want to be given what we were promised.”

Another resident, Wayne Hiden, 31, a quality technician at Pirelli, explained that his broadband speed is so slow at 0.5Mbps that he is unable to use his phone and his internet at the same time as it used to be with dial-up internet.

The Sunderland Close resident said: “It is a first world problem, and it seems terrible to be moaning about it, but you do need the internet.

“We have two young kids and when they want to stream TV it’s one person online at a time. It’s barmy. We don’t get a phone signal so we use the internet to make phone calls and send texts, but we cannot use both at the same time. It’s like having dial-up.”

Neighbour Amanda Knight, 43, who also lives in Sunderland Close, said that her 19-year-old daughter Aimee has been struggling to study for her university law exams while at home over the Easter holidays as the internet is so slow. The Royal Navy medic said: “Aimee is getting so frustrated as she is trying to do research on the internet, but it is just too slow. She is desperate to get back to university now.

“It is not fair when we are paying exactly the same amount as other people who are getting the right speed.

“It sounds dramatic but I feel like we are living in the Third World.

Dial-up was better than this.”

A spokesperson for Barratt and David Wilson Homes said: “We understand the importance to our customers of having effective internet connections and we have provided all facilities required by BT Openreach to supply residents of Castle Heights and Highgrove with these services.

“The actual service and speeds available are the responsibility of the service provider, and so we will continue to press BT Openreach to resolve this issue.”

No-one was available from BT as the Mail went to press.


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