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HP’s new A3 multi-function printers detect and block hackers

HP has launched its new A3 multi-function printer[1] portfolio in South Africa, which features a suite of advanced security features. The full portfolio of A3 MFPs includes PageWide printers and LaserJet platforms, which are available in 34 different configurations. The company’s PageWide[2] platform delivers affordable and efficient printing with lower energy consumption than comparable laser devices.

PageWide printer models also reduce maintenance, thanks to a simple design with only three components that may need replacing. Both single and multi-function PageWide devices also boast print speeds of up to 60 pages per minute. LaserJet A3 multi-function printers feature printing speeds ranging from 22-60ppm and include durable, long-life internal components.

Security Features

The A3 MFP line-up is aimed at security-conscious business applications and includes a selection of dedicated security features which allow the printers to detect and block potential attacks.

The new security features[3] implemented in HP’s A3 multi-function printers consist of three main tools which secure the device at start-up, monitor security during operation, and allow it to recover from an attack. HP’s Sure Start validates the integrity of the device’s BIOS at every boot cycle and will restore a safe copy of the BIOS if it discovers the system has been compromised. Enterprise A3 multi-function printers include FutureSmart firmware, which coordinates hardware functions with user requests and network information.

The printer’s whitelisting protection also ensures that its firmware is not compromised or tampered with, and will reboot to an offline mode if an anomaly is discovered. The device will then send an automated notice to a designated IT official to restore a clean version of its firmware. While it is running and connected to a network, the printer will continuously monitor connected devices and complex memory operations.

If an attacker is able to compromise the device’s memory or firmware through a network connection, the printer will automatically reboot to a safe state. This makes HP’s A3 multi-function printers the most secure printers on the market. HP A3 Printer header

HP Smart Device Services

The new MFPs will also feature HP’s Smart Device Services cloud tools and smart sensing capabilities, which are designed to dramatically enhance service experience.

The toolset monitors and diagnoses service needs to minimise downtime and cut costs, such as anticipating part servicing before the part fails – avoiding premature ink and toner replacement. Smart Device Services aim to enhance service efficiency and improve operation across HP devices, and are compatible with HP’s new A3 PageWide and LaserJet multi-function printers. “Our customers wanted a robust portfolio of A3 MFPs with disruptive technologies and we believe we have achieved this with this range,” said HP OPS Category Manager Richard Stainforth.

“We are now delivering on this promise by bringing this range to South Africa. Using the vast knowledge we’ve gained through our large-scale commercial printers, we streamlined our designs, improved print speeds, and enabled higher-quality printing for a lower cost.” “With the arrival of the A3 portfolio, partners now have new ways to grow revenue and margins in this £200-million channel-led opportunity,” he said.

HP’s A3 multi-function printers are available through qualified channel partners or directly through HP.

For more information, visit the HP website[4].

This article was published in partnership with HP.


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