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Private Equity firm backs buy out of broadband company

Mid-market Private Equity firm Bowmark Capital has backed the buy-out of Sheffield broadband firm ASK4. Founded in Sheffield in 2000 by CEO Jonathan Burrows, ASK4 partners with universities, private sector student accommodation providers, residential apartment developers, and businesses, to provide high speed internet solutions and managed data services for multi-tenant accommodation. The firm currently serves over 160,000 customers more 400 sites in the UK and Europe. Bowmark is acquiring its interest from ASK4’s previous… For the full story register now for free[1] or login below…

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Uno launches up to 330Mbps broadband pilot

How does getting triple digit download speeds over a BT phone line sound? Uno is seeking trialists to take part in a pilot scheme for two ultrafast broadband services, which promise top download speeds of 160Mbps and 330Mbps. These will set you back GBP34.95/month and GBP39.99/month (plus VAT) respectively, plus GBP97 for installation and set-up, and an Openreach modem.

Line rental isn’t included in the price, though this can be added for an extra GBP9.99/month. As it’s a trial scheme, the small print says that Uno may cancel within 30 days’ notice, despite there being a 12 month minimum contract. The pilot scheme is also only available in selected areas, which Uno’s listed here on its Facebook page[1].

Price-wise, that’s a little better per month than what BT’s offering[2], though as ISP Review[3] notes, you won’t get any nice extras thrown in like BT WiFi, guaranteed speeds of 100Mbps at all times, 1000GB’s worth of online storage.

That said, the Sheffield-based ISP also offers 24 hour support Monday to Friday, secures customer accounts with one time passwords or YubiKey[4] and is also a corporate sponsor of privacy and digital rights advocates the Open Rights Group[5], all good signs that Uno takes the handling of its customers’ data seriously.


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ISP Origin Broadband Invest £2.5m in New Rotherham Office

ISP Origin Broadband Invest £2.5m in New Rotherham Office

South Yorkshire-based UK ISP Origin Broadband has announced an investment of GBP2.5m into opening a new premises (53,665 sq. ft) at Callflex Business Park in Rotherham, which could in theory cope with 700 people and help the ISP to reach their target of 250,000 customers by 2020.[1] Origin has recently gone through somewhat of a growth spurt after receiving a large injection of Private Equity funding from Calculus Capital (worth around GBP5m), although it hasn’t all been plain sailing and earlier this month we reported on news of recent job losses (here[2]). Customer satisfaction also appears to have taken a dip during 2017 but Origin will hopefully now be working to improve matters.

Today the ISP added that 98% of Origins’ employees have confirmed they will be moving to the new site, while the company said they will be offering CV workshops to those who have to look for work elsewhere. The new office also suggests that Origin could be gearing up to hire more staff in the future.

Denise Lelliott, Rotherham’s Cabinet Member for the Local Economy, said: “We would like to welcome Origin Broadband[3] to Rotherham – with plans to create many hundreds of jobs over the coming years the company will make a huge contribution to our growing local economy here in the borough.

Rotherham’s flexible and skilled workforce is proving irresistible to service sector and manufacturing companies alike, and we look forward to building on the relationship between the Council and this exciting new investor in our borough as their new operation expands.”

Oliver Bryssau, CEO of Origin, said: “We are really excited about Origins’ Head Office moving to Manvers. Doncaster has been a fantastic home for us, but our two current sites are no longer big enough to accommodate our future growth plans.

Having both our Residential and Business divisions under one roof will help us share best practice across the whole of Origin.

Trips have been put on for colleagues to visit the new building and everyone has been impressed with its size and the opportunity it provides for future growth.”


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