Didcot power station collapse: Several casualties and 'one death' at …

Witness Bill McKinnon, who lives in Didcot near the scene of the explosion, told the BBC: I was sitting in my front room, I can see the power station quite clearly from where I am, it s only about 400 yards away.

About 4 o clock, when I heard the explosion and the very loud rumbling, by the time I had got up and looked out of the window there was a huge cloud of dust which came through and over our village.

When that had cleared I noticed that half of the old power station, where they used to keep the generators, half of that was missing.

There wasn t any physical feeling, it was only noise. When they took down the cooling towers a couple of years ago it was about the same volume as that. It was quite loud.

He added: I was a little bit surprised because normally the contractors let us know when they are going to do explosions, so I was a bit surprised because we hadn t heard anything.

Very shortly afterwards the air ambulance turned up and then fire engines and ambulances started arriving, and a little while after that another air ambulance turned up, and I think they are still there.

Mr McKinnon said the explosion took place in a large building which housed the generators for producing power.

Didcot Power Station Collapse: Several Casualties And 'one Death' At ...

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