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Didcot power station collapse: Several casualties and 'one death' at …

Witness Bill McKinnon, who lives in Didcot near the scene of the explosion, told the BBC: I was sitting in my front room, I can see the power station quite clearly from where I am, it s only about 400 yards away.

About 4 o clock, when I heard the explosion and the very loud rumbling, by the time I had got up and looked out of the window there was a huge cloud of dust which came through and over our village.

When that had cleared I noticed that half of the old power station, where they used to keep the generators, half of that was missing.

There wasn t any physical feeling, it was only noise. When they took down the cooling towers a couple of years ago it was about the same volume as that. It was quite loud.

He added: I was a little bit surprised because normally the contractors let us know when they are going to do explosions, so I was a bit surprised because we hadn t heard anything.

Very shortly afterwards the air ambulance turned up and then fire engines and ambulances started arriving, and a little while after that another air ambulance turned up, and I think they are still there.

Mr McKinnon said the explosion took place in a large building which housed the generators for producing power.

Didcot Power Station Collapse: Several Casualties And 'one Death' At ...

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Ballard has his say on changes

Didcot s new caretaker player-manager Andy Ballard says it has been a whirlwind few months at the club. The midfielder also said he is happy to be at the club for the long run, as long as he is content in the job. Ballard took the role following Ian Concannon and Jamie Heapy s resignation last week over personal reasons .

His first test as manager came on Saturday with a 1-1 draw at home to Yate Town as Lance Williams grabbed a goal for The Diddy. Speaking to the Guardian, Ballard said: It s been a whirlwind few months at the club recently and it s been a tricky situation for me to contend with. Didcot got to the first round of the FA Cup only last month against League Two Exeter City in a match which drew in more than 2,000 to the Loop Meadow Stadium.

Concannon, Heapy and departing first-team coach Andy Sinnott recommended Ballard to chairman John Bailey for the role, which he graciously accepted. Andy added: At first, I was massively surprised but felt honoured to be a part of this club and I feel I ve got the support of the chairman and the club.

I ve been at the club for over a year now and I feel I ve got the experience that will really come in handy as I settle in. The 30-year-old played over 250 games with Oxford City over two separate spells and transferred to Didcot back in October 2014.

He s to continue playing for The Diddy this season and says the club s board will make a decision in the summer in regards to Ballard continuing in his role. He added: What I know is that I m here until the end of the season and possibly after. I would like to continue in this role as long as I m still enjoying it.

It s my first managerial job but I m only 30 and I would have to make a decision on if I would keep playing until next year.