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Well Attended Aughton Parish Meeting

There was an improved attendance at the Aughton Parish Council (APC) meeting tonight at which it was confirmed Dr David Gallagher had resigned his membership, seen in this pic Well Attended Aughton Parish Meeting while the elephant was in the room. Tributes were paid to his long service, his chairmanship, and his work on the website, which, declared Parish Cllr Jones, brought the parish council into the 21st century. So that s where it has been, back in the dark ages!

Nine councillors, one absentee, and two vacancies, which will be advertised in due course.

The elephant was again in the room Well Attended Aughton Parish Meeting click to enlargeas 14 members of the public also attended, and questions were asked about Town Green Lane pavement flooding; the public cut through to Whalley Drive/The Serpentine from Prescot Road which is a mud-heap; local bus services, or lack of them; a development at 9 Granville Park which is upsetting the natives; speeding and the dangers of accidents on Long Lane; poor broadband speeds in Butchers Lane; potholes on Prescot Road; the lack of a decent surface floods infrastructure in Butchers lane; potholes all over the parish; the need for permanent speed cameras on Long Lane due in part to lorries now using it as a rat-run to avoid Ormskirk. Westley was invited to comment as a County Councillor and he duly gave the Tory diatribe against Labour cuts that are being imposed by his Tory government.

10 local crimes had been committed since the last meeting, including 2 offences in a care home, criminal damage at the Dog and Gun, shed theft including bikes and tools, a drug warrant in respect of supplying, an offence regarding cannabis and some lead stolen from a roof in Granville Park. As for why no police officers attend the parish meetings the answer is simple, the choice being for them to attend or be elsewhere fighting or attending crimes. Perhaps the Tory candidate for Crime Commissioner Well Attended Aughton Parish Meeting in May might win and it will be HIM who can come and explain why police funding is so low from his Tory government?

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