TalkTalk announces Black Friday broadband deals

TalkTalk has unveiled details of its Black Friday broadband deals and is waiving set-up costs entirely for the promotion. Among the packages being discounted as part of the pre-Christmas retail bonanza is the TalkTalk TV, Faster Fibre & Phone deal. This offers broadband speeds of up to 38Mbps and unlimited downloads, along with a free TV box that lets viewers pause and rewind TV.

Customers will also benefit from up to 80 Freeview channels and have the option of adding and removing channels, including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, on a flexible one-month contract. This means they will have the chance to pick and mix their ideal TV package. The 18-month contract costs ?27 per month (plus ?50 in set-up costs).

Also on offer for Black Friday is the TalkTalk Faster Fibre Broadband package. This also offers broadband speeds of up to 38Mbps – which TalkTalk says is up to 4.5 times faster than standard broadband. The bundle also offers unlimited downloads, free fibre set-up, a powerful router and online security features.

Subscribers will be required to pay ?27 per month. Perhaps the best promotion of the day, though, is the option to sign up for one-month of Sky Sports (normally ?32 per month) for no charge. Live Premier League games airing on Sky Spots over the next 30 days include:

Saturday 3rd Dec – Manchester City v Chelsea (k.o.

12.30pm) Sunday 11th Dec – Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur (k.o.

2.15pm) Sunday 18th Dec – Manchester City v Arsenal (k.o.

4pm) Monday 19th Dec – Everton v Liverpool (k.o.


Most-watched TV shows in South Africa – DStv, SABC, and Etv

The Broadcast Research Council of South Africa (BRCSA) has released its television audience measurements for October 2016[1]. Included in the report is a list of the most-watched shows on SABC 1,2,3, Etv, and DStv. The BRCSA said the report does not “in any way give you a total viewership of DStv Commercial channels”, and that the figures indicated “viewership on the platform at the top tier”.

The tables below detail the top shows on the various platforms during October.


Date Show Viewers Digital DStv Viewers
02-10-16 Our Perfect Wedding 1202414 1544207
20-10-16 Isibaya 1187580 1430893
16-10-16 Idols SA 1055688 1360832
02-10-16 Rockville 953983 1208743
09-10-16 It’s Complicated 831688 1059406
09-10-16 Isikizi 678339 870100
27-10-16 The Queen 622172 776775
18-10-16 Greed & Desire 466287 567241
17-10-16 Premier League:Liverpool vs Man 446835 485738
16-10-16 Isthunzi 424792 590985
29-10-16 Absa Premiership Orlando Pirates 417595 528642
04-10-16 Please Step in 391837 490467
08-10-16 The Rugby Championship 391824 409869
19-10-16 Uefa Champions League 361292 415009
23-10-16 Orange Caf Champions League 359136 433364
15-10-16 Absa Premiership Kaizer Chiefs 346051 423596
07-10-16 Greed & Desire 318621 415451
15-10-16 There’s a Zulu on My Stoep 316511 448094
23-10-16 Telkom Knockout Cup 316506 373038
01-10-16 The Rugby Championship 310536 352566
08-10-16 2018 Fifa World Cup Qualifier 305688 341201
16-10-16 Absa Premiership Polokwane 299142 345485
11-10-16 Love Back 296201 390244
03-10-16 Luthando 2 293529 429167
12-10-16 The Queen 288961 364674
02-10-16 Isibaya 285257 359621
27-10-16 Isibaya 279392 300848
16-10-16 John Rambo 274148 315002
22-10-16 Telkom Knockout Cup 273727 319580
23-10-16 Premier League: Chelsea vs Man 270298 313688


Date Show Viewers
04-10-16 Uzalo 8243036
10-10-16 Generations the Legacy 8030677
18-10-16 Skeem Saam 6475853
27-10-16 Mutual Friends 4743068
11-10-16 International Friendly 4549883
04-10-16 Rise Talk Show 4258622
14-10-16 Tempy Pushas 4205103
18-10-16 Xhosa News 4150766
12-10-16 Zulu News 4078946
13-10-16 Zaziwa 4045241
12-10-16 My Perfect Family 4038047
18-10-16 Vodacom Millionaires 3890561
07-10-16 Shuga 3711597
11-10-16 Soccer Build-up 3703899
25-10-16 Selimathunzi 3603621
14-10-16 Live Amp 3501594
23-10-16 Caf Champions League 3367873
29-10-16 Absa Premiership 3174681
29-10-16 Friends Like These 3054045
08-10-16 Real Goboza 2881212


Date Show Viewers
04-10-16 Muvhango 5666936
19-10-16 Lotto Draw Live 4273782
12-10-16 Mamello 2490201
03-10-16 Ga Re Dumele 2404705
28-10-16 Bitso Lebe Ke Seromo 2375772
20-10-16 Speak Out 2346347
25-10-16 Keeping Score 2173552
11-10-16 7De Laan 1891059
01-10-16 Stuart Little II 1442442
06-10-16 Music 1366917
28-10-16 Maitemogelo 1366305
11-10-16 Nuus 1303747
01-10-16 Castle Lager Rugby 1275101
11-10-16 Erfsondes 1270125
04-10-16 Gospel Classics 1247996
07-10-16 Musiek Roulette 1206360
15-10-16 Ke Ba Bolelletse 1180907
08-10-16 Open Season 1161894
02-10-16 Ses/Tsw/Sep News 1153405
18-10-16 Naruto 1098048


Date Show Viewers
18-10-16 The Bold and the Beautiful 992278
19-10-16 Isidingo:the Need 988316
12-10-16 News 922152
05-10-16 Cricket Wrap up 908264
12-10-16 Momentum One Day 895228
09-10-16 The Water Horse 837300
15-10-16 Will 789318
16-10-16 Pets 668067
08-10-16 Ice Castles 646955
11-10-16 Neil Anthony Private Chef 644922
02-10-16 Fired up 624481
15-10-16 The Hoax 576562
08-10-16 American Reunion 572218
19-10-16 High Rollers 540570
25-10-16 Afternoon Express 537257
16-10-16 Saving Rhino Phila 509282
23-10-16 Warm Springs 502382
23-10-16 Chameleons of the World 500219
03-10-16 Survivor 28:Cagayan 490232
22-10-16 Sacrifice 488033


Date Show Viewers
04-10-16 Scandal 4475421
05-10-16 Rhythm City 3642774
02-10-16 Transporter 3 3379351
23-10-16 Sa’s Got Talent 3219415
21-10-16 The Powerball Draw 2680239
09-10-16 Skyfall 2670481
29-10-16 Jack the Giant Slayer 2655538
02-10-16 E News Direct Headlines 2635331
21-10-16 The Punisher 2633056
16-10-16 Ocean’s Eleven 2542938
07-10-16 Flightplan 2540155
22-10-16 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 2510400
08-10-16 Journey 2 Mysterious Island 2488208
23-10-16 Wwe Wrestling Raw 2477246
09-10-16 Blackish 2472589
06-10-16 The One 2425784
04-10-16 Z’bondiwe 2339831
11-10-16 Gold Diggers 2338474
15-10-16 Hotel Transylvania 2252944
23-10-16 E News Direct 2086830

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UFO broadband network sees promising results from pilot testing

Tests of York s Ultra Fibre Optic (UFO) fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband network are seeing encouraging results, and ISP TalkTalk is exploring the possibility of rolling the network out on a wider basis. UFO a joint venture between fibre backhaul supplier CityFibre, and internet service providers (ISPs) Sky and TalkTalk was launched in 20151 with the intention of being the first gigabit FTTP service to be made available on a large scale in an urban area. The partners also set out to prove that such a project would be well-accepted by users and be financially viable. The network dig around the city has made steady progress, with 120km of fibre optic cable laid, connecting 500 homes. It is also testing with business customers.

According to project head Richard Sinclair, the network has already had 70,000GB of data downloaded across it. Sinclair said the work would not have been possible without the enthusiastic backing of York City Council.

The council shares TalkTalk s vision and passion that technology will transform our society, said Sinclair. The council is the de facto fourth partner in the venture and has been very supportive of our journey to make York UFO s first city. York Council head of ICT Roy Grant said the service gave his city a chance to extend the so-called Northern Powerhouse2 beyond larger urban areas, such as Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester.

York already offers free city centre Wi-Fi3 and ultrafast connectivity to council facilities. Grant said he was particularly keen to beef up general connectivity to help convince more businesses to locate in the city, and to convince students at its university to build lives and careers there.

The free Wi-Fi has also proved particularly useful at attracting tourists, especially from China, where connectivity is a big factor in holidaymaker decision-making.

Why does the tech powerhouse have to be Leeds and Manchester? What can t it be here? There is no reason not to come stay, live and work in York, and this fibre footprint is a key enabler, said Grant.

Connectivity shouldn t be a lottery. It shouldn t matter where you live. It should be a given.

Broadband lighthouse

In a new-build suburb of York, TalkTalk has set up a demonstration property designed to show off the potential of UFO to potential customers, broadband stakeholders and politicians both local and national. It is a standard modern terrace on a pleasant estate, and it is called the Lighthouse. Inside, multiple devices tested by Computer Weekly and TalkTalk s engineers were able to sustain download speeds of well over 200Mbps, on par with other FTTP services available. The stable connection was perfectly able to stream 4K television4, while supporting general domestic usage, home working and more bandwidth-intensive activities such as gaming simultaneously.

Anecdotally, gamers connected to UFO have reported seeing themselves shooting up the performance league tables on games such as Call of Duty5, as the lack of latency now means they are able to perform as well as rivals in countries such as South Korea, where ultrafast broadband is virtually ubiquitous. Outside the Lighthouse, the diggers have been using micro-trenching6 to install the cables just below the surface of the pavement, with a connection directly into each home. TalkTalk claimed it can get the average homeowner up and running with the service in a couple of hours although so far the project is still at a limited-enough stage that more personalised installations are feasible.

According to TalkTalk, take-up among those properties included in the project s catchment area has been significantly ahead of what BT has seen on its FTTC roll-out7. Such as with many other gigabit fibre projects, the near neighbours of those that have received the service tend to become particularly vocal in demanding the service be extended. There is also talk of a positive impact on local house prices.

Resilient fibre network

According to Sinclair, one of the knockout differences TalkTalk has seen so far has been the resilience of the fibre network.

One of the service challenges TalkTalk has seen in the past is that some of the infrastructure is up to 100 years old. It fails in poor weather and suffers all sorts of faults, he said.

The fault often sits on the Openreach network, but customers buying services from TalkTalk don t care about that. With a TalkTalk-owned network, they only have one call to make.

During the winter storms, when many Openreach cabinets in York were taken out by flooding8, UFO customers opened their doors and broadband connections to their neighbours, said Sinclair. He conceded that the UFO project still had its sceptics, but argued that those saying fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) was all that was needed to guarantee superfast connectivity were plain wrong.

Demand for data and capacity is doubling every year. We need the flexibility, agility and connectivity that ultrafast brings. We re trying to create an accessible digital revolution, he said.

TalkTalk hopes it will be able to extend the UFO network into other cities, most likely inside the CityFibre network footprint9, in the next 12 to 18 months.

Its next objective will be to see if it can manage the demands of two network builds at once, so that it can decide if a large-scale roll-out is feasible.


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