KCom on its way to 150,000 premises of full fibre

It is easy to complain about the UK having less full fibre broadband coverage than other economies but some areas are addressing that and where full fibre has been delivered any economic advantages should be abundantly clear. KCom with its Lightstream roll-out has been praised by Matt Hancock MP Minister of State for Digital and Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and while the area is the leading area for full fibre coverage it is trailing in terms of superfast and ultrafast metrics. The aim for KCom is to deliver some 150,000 premises of full fibre equating to 75% coverage of the area that is covered by KCom telephone lines, and we recently featured the news about the 40,000th live customer[1].

The project has announced that it aims for Beverley[2] to have 97% full fibre coverage (NOTE: The area covered by the constituency Beverley and Holderness[3] is much larger hence the dilution of the figures.

Our tracking shows some 105,265 premises have access to full fibre from KCom which ties in with their announced figures, and means there will be a lot more work to do in 2017 to reach the 150,000 goal.

The KCom footprint falls across two local authority areas The East Riding of Yorkshire[4] in addition to the obvious City of Kingston Upon Hull[5] with full fibre coverage of 28.8% and 51.3% respectively.



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Life miles better with superfast broadband

16:00 Tuesday 31 May 2016

A Bridlington businessman has slashed 20,000 off his annual commute thanks to the Broadband East Riding programme. IT consultant Richard Hale said the broadband speeds previously available at his home in Bridlington forced him to make a 140 mile commute to offices in York and Leeds to connect with clients. But the arrival of superfast broadband as part of the Broadband East Riding roll-out has enabled Richard who is self-employed to stay put, ditch his long commute and work from the family home serving customers around the globe.

He said: I have been able to make huge savings in terms of money and time spent on travelling. But it s not just that, being online is crucial for my job and I just couldn t rely on my old home broadband.

Without the arrival of fibre I would eventually have had to move location, to York or somewhere I could get a faster connection. The dad of five, who helps to manage data centres for large companies including banks and insurance companies based around the world, said a reliable fast broadband connection is vital to working effectively.

As well as providing a boost to his business, Richard said fibre had also helped to improve family life as well.

Councillor Jonathan Owen, deputy leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: The example of how faster broadband speeds are helping improve the lives of residents like Richard is really great news and is a positive endorsement of the Broadband East Riding programme.

Three World Record Attempts Celebrating 20 Years Of East Riding …

Three World Record Attempts Celebrating 20 Years Of East Riding ...

On the morning of Friday, 01 April 2016, at 1030 in 1 Shopping Centre, twelve of Britain s best Town Criers (including the current world champion) will attempt to set a new record for the World s Loudest Voice.

2 based noise measurement experts, Cirrus Research, will be on hand to record the attempt. Thereafter at 12-midday at the historic 3 in Beverley, celebrations begin in earnest to mark the 20 year milestone since Humberside was consigned to history and the East Riding was reinstated.

4, East Riding of Yorkshire Town Crier, will attempt a second world record by looking to set the title of World s Quietest Town Crier through a specially written birthday proclamation. Michael said: In my line of work I m not usually asked to speak-up, but I am often asked to be less loud. As such, this attempt is aimed mainly at those in the community who like to listen quietly to the spoken word in public.

Those attending can enjoy a free slice of birthday cake specially baked for the occasion by Beverley based Vanessa Deli and the tasting of a beer specially brewed by the Yorkshire Brewery Company. The Coastal Voices Choir from 5 will be present to help sing Happy Birthday celebrations, along with CBBC and television presenter 6, and other East Riding residents chosen to conduct a special cry of three cheers. A toast will be given to the next 20 years by the Chairman of 7.
There will then be a town crying competition with competitors from as far afield as Liverpool, Chester, Stafford, Kendal and the City of Lincoln. The day concludes with the launch of a Yorkshire Champion Club 8 and an Ale Tasting at Deli No1 in 9.

At 12-midday on Saturday, 02 April 2016, at 10 Shopping Centre, day two of the celebrations continue. A Bells Up to the county will be given. This will take the form of a one-minute-noise not just of Town Criers bells but also the bells of 11 and members of the public, who are urged to attend the occasion in possession of any bell sounding item such as a mobile phone ringtone, bicycle bell, alarm clock or indeed a bell.

This is the third of the weekend s world record attempts, with the aim this time of trying to have the most people gathered in one place ringing bells. The Town Criers will then continue with part two of their competition when one of the themes will be the 12. The event over both days is free.

In celebrating 20 years since the reformation of East Riding, Town Crier 13 hopes that the public will turn out in large numbers to be part of creating three world records that will help keep the county firmly on the map and its pride to the fore. – More Stories of Interest


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