Spark network still ‘patchy’ across NZ after earlier outages

Spark Network Still 'patchy' Across NZ After Earlier Outages

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Despite widespread disruptions to Spark’s network on Saturday morning, the company’s outage map reported that everything was “running smoothly”. Spark and Skinny customers across NZ say they are still without services after widespread outages throughout New Zealand. Mobile and broadband outages were reported from Auckland down to Dunedin from 9.15am on Saturday.

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Spark Network Still 'patchy' Across NZ After Earlier Outages

A hardware fault caused outages on Spark’s network for about two hours on Saturday morning.

Customers told us there was still no cellphone reception in New Plymouth, Te Aroha, Christchurch, Wainuiomata, Whangarei, Upper Hutt and Auckland among other areas at 1pm. Spark admitted services were still “patchy” but claimed the fault had been located and fixed.

* Spark blames outage on bad modems
* Xtra email hit by unexplained fault23

The company had earlier said it was “aware of issues affecting some people’s broadband mobile”. “We’re looking into it urgently and will share more info as soon as we have it. Thanks for sitting tight, we appreciate it.”

At 11.30am, Spark said that services should be returning to normal.

“We had a hardware failure in one of our data centres which caused the trouble on both mobile and broadband for various places around the country, but traffic is being diverted through another route now.

“If you’re still having issues, try restarting your mobile or router to re-register it on the network, and drop us a private message with your account or phone number if you’re still having trouble.”

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Spark spokesman Richard Llewellyn said the outages impacted 263 of the 1500 Spark mobile sites in New Zealand. Most of the mobile sites were in the Auckland region.

Broadband services were also impacted throughout the company.

“Most impacted services restored immediately, and others are progressively self-restoring,” Llewellyn said.

“We apologise to our customers for the inconvenience caused.”

At 12.30pm, Spark said mobile might still be “patchy or dropping out for some people while our network deals with people trying to reconnect all at the same time”. It is understood that also may affect mobile data. Llewellyn said the issue might also impact Spark customers not affected by the original outages.

Broadband should be working as normal, the company said on Facebook.

“If you’re having broadband troubles please reboot your router.”

One Christchurch customer reported he could not access any international websites, including Facebook and Google, during the outage. He had placed a call to the Spark helpline and been given a wait time of two hours, he said. Upper Hutt customer Jody Mazzola said she was disappointed that no information had been provided via the company’s website.

At 11am, its outage map was reporting that “everything is running smoothly”. Mazzola said she had faced an hour-long wait on her landline to speak to a customer services representative.

“We rely on our cell phones as we are self employed and a local 24-hour contractor company,” she said.

“I am glad our home internet provider is different than our business cell line, otherwise we would have no access to anything.”

The outages also affected Skinny Mobile, which uses Spark’s network. In a Facebook post, the company said technicians were “running around trying to get this sorted as quickly as possible”.

Just after 11am, the company posted an update saying the problems had been resolved.

“Things should be back to normal now everyone, if you are still having issues try restarting your device and that should get it all sorted out.

“Once again a big apology and a huge thanks for your patience.”

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