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Faster Broadband is on its way to area of Cheltenham which has suffered a slow …

Faster Broadband Is On Its Way To Area Of Cheltenham Which Has Suffered A Slow ...

Faster broadband is coming to Springbank

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After a decade of suffering disastrously slow internet speeds, residents in Springbank have learned that wwork is to start soon to upgrade their connection. Virgin media have written to people living in Triscombe Way, Dulverton close , Kingsbridge Mews to the west of Princess Elizabeth Way. The letter said: “Virgin Media will be undertaking network expansion in your area which will mean that will be able to take advantage of digital TV fixed line telephony and high speed broadband services.

“This work will require excavations in the footways and carriageways in and around Triscombe Way and are due to commence on 14 September 2015 and last for approximately four weeks.”

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And ,local representatives are happy to hear it. One of the borough councillors for the area is Peter Jeffries (LD). He said: “I’m very glad to hear it. For about 10 years since the houses were built the broadband speeds have been absolutely terrible. I know of people who have had to move out form the area because they couldn’t run a business form their home.

“People in the area have been campaigning on this issue for many years.”

Alex Chalk the recently elected Conservative MP for Cheltenham has made alleveiating what he calls e-poverty in the town a priority since his election in May. He said that Virgin media representatives had attended a ‘broadband summit’ earlier in the summer and that he had provided internet suppliers with details of where their service was not up to scratch. He added: ”I’m delighted that Virgin Media are investing in Springbank.

It’s a part of town which has been experiencing snail paced broadband speeds for too long and this will make a huge difference to people’s lives. We need to keep up the momentum though. There are still far too many people in ‘e-poverty’ in our town, and I will keep banging the drum for more investment.”

A spokesperson for Virgin Media said that they wanted people to lobby them to tell them where residents wanted faster broadband said: “Access to fast, reliable broadband is an essential part of everyday life.

It offers countless benefits to people and businesses while providing a boost to local economies.”

“We are investing 3bn to bring ultrafast broadband to even more homes in the UK We are prioritising the build based on demand from local communities.

Help us to get to your area more quickly by registering online at ‘cablemystreet’ and we’ll be in touch”


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