Book-keepers, Temiz and Co in Gillingham first to get ultra fast broadband from BT’s Openreach

A family run business in Medway is the first in the country to be connected to ultra fast broadband.

Gillingham accountancy firm Temiz and Co, was the first customer in the country to be connected to the super-quick broadband.

The book-keeping firm, in James Street, Gillingham, was connected to the ultrafast network on Friday, March 10, by BT’s Openreach.

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MP Rehman Chishti with staff from Temiz and BT Openreach boss, Kim Mears.

MP Rehman Chishti with staff from Temiz and BT Openreach boss, Kim Mears.

The accountancy company is now using the latest ultrafast technology, known as, a service capable of delivering download speeds of up to 330Mbps, which is more than 10 times faster than the national average.

BT announced in May last year that Gillingham would be one of the first communities in the country to get the new technology.

And eventually, about 12,500 households and businesses in the town will have access to the new internet speeds.

Mehmet Uzum of Temiz with MP Rehman Chishti and Openreach MD, Kim Mears.

Mehmet Uzum of Temiz with MP Rehman Chishti and Openreach MD, Kim Mears.

The introduction of the new connection is a key part of plans by Openreach, BT’s local network business, to connect more households and small businesses to ultrafast fibre via its open access network.

Gillingham was made a pilot site along with a location in Cambridgeshire and by the end of 2020, more than 10 million UK homes will be connected to the new technology, as part of an overall plan to reach 12 million premises with ultrafast speeds of more than 100Mbps in the same time frame.

Video: Temiz and Co are the first to get BT ultra fast broadband

Gillingham was one of the first trial sites and around 12,500 households and businesses in the county were able to take part in the trial which began in last year.

Openreach has since announced a total of 17 pilot areas which are being built around the country and will mean thousands more homes and businesses will be able to connect to the service this year.

Mehmet Uzum, who runs the book-keeping business with his wife Gulcihan, says the new ultrafast speeds are helping them devise plans to expand into new markets and grow their business.

Staff from Temiz with MP Rehman Chishti and Kim Mears from Openreach.

Staff from Temiz with MP Rehman Chishti and Kim Mears from Openreach.

Mr Uzum said: “All our client data is stored in the Cloud.

“Having ultrafast speeds means we can download and upload that data instantly, however many client accounts we are working on at the same time.

“Uploading heavy data files could take a couple of hours with the speeds we had before but now we can achieve the same in a matter of minutes, it is a big time saver.”

He added that having ultrafast speeds had given them the confidence to expand their operation and to offer new services to clients.

Mr Uzum said: “We are in the process of building a website for the business which will allow clients to log into their own accounts and use the book keeping facilities.

“We are also looking to open another office in London to help us attract new clients in the City and take on another partner so that we can offer an auditing service.

It is a new and exciting time for us and having ultrafast broadband provides the platform to do all this on.

It has given us the confidence to go ahead and invest in the future of the business.”

Gillingham and Rainham MP Rehman Chishti, also went along to the business to see it get connected to the new technology.

He added: “I’m delighted that Gillingham is at the forefront of such an important advance in broadband technology.

“Temiz book-keeping are a great example of how ultrafast broadband can give small businesses new and more effective ways to compete in the digital world.

“From children doing their homework to caring for our elderly population and from social media to e-commerce and home entertainment – high-speed broadband is the critical enabler, and I look forward to many more businesses and residents in Gillingham being among the first to enjoy the benefits of ultrafast broadband.”

Openreach’s superfast network currently covers almost 26 million premises in the UK.

To get connected to the new ultrafast technology, visit

Lucy Frazer MP column: on the fight to bring broadband to Cambridgeshire villages, still without

In her weekly column for the News, Lucy Frazer, MP for South East Cambridgeshire, talks about bringing broadband to five rural villages forgotten in the expansion of high-speed internet access across the region.

“In a fast changing digital world, being connected and having adequate broadband accessibility is essential not only to enable businesses to thrive but also to improve general health and wellbeing.

“For rural communities, the growth of online services has enormous potential to ease day to day living and bring services that would usually involve a time consuming journey into the home. That being said, whereas broadband facilities are often well established in cities, it is the rural areas, (which one could argue have most to gain from connectivity) that are not always fully up and running.

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“Achieving connectivity for all South East Cambridgeshire is a matter of upmost concern to me and I was very encouraged by the Government’s recent announcement of a further ?440 million to be made available to give more properties in the hardest-to-reach parts of the UK the quick and reliable internet connections, which are a vital part of modern life.

“By the end of June 2017 South East Cambridgeshire should have 94 per cent coverage but we still need to address how we reach the remaining per cent of the area. I will be pressing this matter with Matthew Hancock, Minister of State responsible for digital and culture policy, in a meeting this week and will do all I can to keep our area front of mind with regards to any extra funding provision available.

Lucy Frazer MP Column: On The Fight To Bring Broadband To Cambridgeshire Villages, Still Without

“The current phase of the roll out programme for our area was originally due to be delivered by end of 2016.

In early December, it became apparent that, due to certain complications, this deadline would not be met.

“I am pleased to say that following numerous meetings with BT and Connecting Cambridgeshire and correspondence with Bill Murphy, Managing Director of Next-Generation Access at BT, five villages, namely Little Wilbraham, West Wickham, Reach, Carlton and Prickwillow will all be in a position to order broadband in the week of 30th January 2017 at the latest.

The next phase of development will see more areas connected by end of June 2017.

Ely Museum to receive ?160k cash injection to unlock old jail1

“It may be that, despite best efforts, a number of homes in each area will experience problems.

I would like to ask that if you are affected in any way, that you please notify me so that I can take up your cause and be aware of the scale of any issue.”

If you would like to contact Ms Frazer on this or any other issue you can email her directly, follow her on Facebook or visit her website.234


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Where is Cambridgeshire’s fastest broadband? #CambsNotSpotter could have the answer

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#CambsNotSpotter is a project aiming to identify gaps in fixed and mobile broadband coverage in the county. Faye Holland, who is leading the scheme on behalf of organisers Cambridge Ahead, provides an update its progress.

Our #CambsNotsotter crowdsourcing activity2 continues to go from strength to strength. Every single data point submitted by residents, students, visitors and businesses is helping to create a clear picture of how the user experience compares to publicly submitted data.

Connecting Cambridgeshire3 is improving the broadband infrastructure across our region to bring access to superfast broadband to as many homes and businesses as possible.

And through our #CambsNotspotter campaign we are starting to gain the data that can be cross-referenced with operator data submitted to OFCOM. In last month’s column I talked mainly about mobile, so this time round I want to focus on some of the updates from a broadband perspective. The slowest recorded broadband in May was 0.3Mbps upload, 0.4Mbps download (the record is still held in Linton at download of 0.1Mbps) quite frankly you can get better connectivity on your phone network!

The highest was 9.9Mbps upload and 92Mbps download which is considerably higher than the average download speed across the country of 28Mbps. But there are some interesting anomalies between what we are finding and what is being submitted to Ofcom. The St Ives area is delivering low speed tests (3.8Mbps compared with 37Mbps reported by Ofcom) and conversely Huntingdon is outperforming the prediction due to some G-fast customers enjoying very fast broadband (50Mbps upload, 230Mbps download).

Cambridge results are broadly in line with predictions the city and larger towns are high on the list of fast speeds, but rural areas unsurprisingly lag significantly behind them. Saffron Walden and the surrounding area is predicted to have low speeds, and this is confirmed by our data. Since March we have grown very close to our target of 10,000 unique users but we still need more people to get involved to obtain quantitative and qualitative data to take back to the operators, so please be a #CambsNotspotter and help us out.

– To find out how to get involved, test the speed of your home broadband or download the campaign’s mobile app, log on to

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