PC Response to Plan MK consultation

Sherington Parish Council would like to respond to the Strategic Development Consultation Document. The document outlines four options for the future development of Milton Keynes. In the opinion of Sherington Parish Council Intensification and Redevelopment of the Urban area and Development to the South West are better options than Development East of the M1 and Satellite Towns in the rural area . Our favoured option would be within the present urban area, the first option mentioned. This should create a truly urban feel to Milton Keynes as opposed to a more suburban expansion over a larger area ( Development to the SouthWest).

The Parish Council is not against additional housing in the village as can be seen from the work being done with the Neighbourhood Plan but this would be in keeping with the preservation of a village and nowhere near what is envisaged for a pleasant rural area in the options for expansion east of the M1 motorway, or of the development of satellite towns in the rural area. There are a number of reasons for favouring the urban area option.

  1. Sherington, along with many other north Buckinghamshire locations , is a rural village that people have chosen to live in because it is just that.
  2. The majority of the transport links are to the west and south of the urban area, not to the north and east where Sherington lies.
  3. There is no infrastructure in the rural area so this would have to be started from scratch and there would be considerable disruption before any housing could be contemplated. It seems pertinent to take advantage of the pre-existing infrastructure of Milton Keynes. The infrastructure cost savings could be then be deployed in a quantum leap in public transport. For example tram, light railway or other public transport could be built to link the redeveloped urban areas to the centre of the city to reduce car movements and the congestion that these journeys cause.
  4. All of the other options would involve discussion with neighbouring authorities with inevitable delays.
  5. The report highlights that around 1750 new homes need to be built each year until 2031. If Sherington took 5000 houses that would be less than three years allocation so this model would have to be repeated many times in the rural area to satisfy demand, destroying each

rural location as the plan progressed.

  1. Intensification is an opportunity to replace poor quality housing with state of the art urban living spaces. New developments should be environmentally efficient and carefully mixed to promote better social cohesion.

    Full involvement of Neighbourhood Plans should be encouraged in this.

  2. Urban development plays into emerging future behaviour and technology trends. The rise of Uber is reducing car ownership by the young urban dwellers in other cities such as London , Paris, New York. Why not Milton Keynes?

In conclusion Intensification and Redevelopment of the Urban area would allow the rural villages to remain villages while being adjacent to a modern vibrant city with all the facilities that the urban area has and would have. The North Bucks villages and their countryside should also remain an unspoilt amenity to the benefit of the city dwellers. These areas should be designated as Green Belt and the villages protected from insensitive development through use of Neighbourhood Plans which embrace the purpose of these villages as places for people to live and urban citizens to enjoy.

Looking at the even bigger picture of the country as a whole should Milton Keynes along with most of the south east of the country be considered for further large scale development causing ever more congestion and widening of the North/South divide?

Cynthia Mare's eventful musical journey

Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
She has pocketed awards, featured at big shows and is one of the most active female artists in the country. Cynthia Mare has a bright future and her professionalism and talent are likely to push her to great heights. But many people do not know the journey she has travelled so far.

The award winning Zimbabwean singer and songwriter was born and raised in Harare. In her early teens she began to sing in the Church choir. At the age of 16, Mare moved to the United Kingdom and went to Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College obtaining a degree in Pediatric Nursing. During that time she also began her musical journey as an R&B singer. Later on, Mare changed her music to an African Fusion sound, with influences of Jazz and Gospel. She also incorporated traditional Zimbabwean sounds and sang most songs in Shona. The release of her second studio album Songs My Mother Loved with the lead single Zuva Rimwe propelled her to stardom and firmly put her amongst Zimbabwe s top musicians. In 2014, Cynthia Mare set the record by becoming the top female award winner, scooping three awards at Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) that night. At the age of five she told her father who was a businessman that she wanted to be a singer, but he forbade her to pursue that path as he believed formal education was best.

Cynthia s parents divorced when she was five years old. Both my parents remarried and had other children, all girls, Mare said. I grew up between the two homes of my mother and father. It also meant I changed schools many times going to Vinona Primary, Haig Park Primary, Senoia Primary, St Dominic s Secondary and Herman Gmeiner Secondary schools in Zimbabwe, she said. Mare s Musical Journey began while at university in the UK, she was introduced to an independent record label, Outnumbered, and was signed on a three single deal. Before the release her first single, the CEO became seriously ill. The project was put on hold, never to be seen to again. Mare continued to pursue her dream and in 2006 began to work with UK producer Krunchie, who produced songs The Diet Song and Catch me when I fall , released in 2010. Catch me when I fall was very popular among the UK based Zimbabweans and also very popular back home on Zimbabwe Power FM radio.

In the UK the song was played on BBC1Xtra, Choice FM. After all these successful songs Mare received several awards, including a BEFFTA Award in 2011(Best Afro Caribbean Female Entertainer), ZimAchievers Award 2012 (Female Musician of the Year) and Zim Awards 2012 (Best Female). In 2010 Cynthia opened for the Sean Paul and Akon gig in Harare. With over 40 thousand in attendance, the gig held at the National sports stadium was the biggest audience Cynthia had ever sang to. Soon after that she collaborated on Born Champion with Winky D, Jusa, and BKay & Kazz. She also worked with UK rappers Young Don and Scorcher on Going In . The Going In video had a fast and furious theme and was played on UK MTV base, and other UK Channels. Ndeipi PR (CEO,Taponeswa Mavhunga), began to manage Cynthia Mare in 2010. Having worked at Warner Music PR for 10 years, Mavhunga had a lot of experience within the UK market.

She facilitated many appearances in UK publications and media for Cynthia, including a sold out show with Sean Paul in Bristol, UK. Shortly after this, Now Music CEO, Efe Omorobge, who manages Nigerian singer Tuface Indiba, offered to co-manage Cynthia with Ndeipi PR. Cynthia was invited to Nigeria for the MTV Awards in 2010. While there she worked with Nigerian Artist General Pype on the reggae remix of Catch me when I fall and performed with Tiwa Savage. Before long the video, shot in the country, was hitting the Nigerian airwaves. During that time Cynthia had many Nigerian radio, TV and newspaper appearances. After few months of promotional activity in Nigeria, Cynthia flew back to her base in London, UK. In 2011 disaster struck as Cynthia s mother, was diagnosed with bone cancer. On getting the news, Cynthia flew back home but her mother was already in a coma.

She never recovered. On 7 July 2011, Enita Charewa Chamboko passed away. Heartbroken, Cynthia began to work on a tribute album in her mother s memory which she named Songs My mother Loved . This was Cynthia s second studio album. Joseph Madziyire produced this album and co-wrote the lead single Zuva Rimwe . Other songs produced by Mono Mukundu were later added to the album. The song, Zuva Rimwe (Dai Zvaibvira), describes Cynthia s wish to have just one more day to talk to her mother whom she never got to talk to. Released in December 2013, the Songs My Mother Loved album made Cynthia Mare a star in Zimbawe with the first copy selling for $4000. In 2014 Mare won three Zimbabwe Music Award accolades.

She won Best Female, Best Single Zuva Rimwe , and Best Alternative Album Songs My Mother Loved . She gave an outstanding performance of the song Zuva Rimwe during the awards ceremony, taking her place amongst the leading female artists in the country. Four months later in February 2015 Cynthia won a NAMA (National Arts Merit Awards) for Outstanding Female Musician. She performed her new hit single Moto Ngaubvire . Later that year she also won ZNCC Women in Enterprise Award 2015. She has since performed with Oliver Mtukudzi, Hugh Masekela, Zahara, and Jah Prayzah. She has performed on platforms like Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA), Womens Arts fest and Shoko Festival. Having established herself as serious musician, Cynthia turned to her other passion; empowering young women. With support from the Bristsh Council and UKAID in Zimbabwe, Cynthia launched her single Moto Ngaubvire at the start of 16 days of activism in November 2014.

The song aimed at empowering young women to believe in themselves and their own self worth especially after surviving abuse. The song was well received and was nominated for ZIMA awards 2015. In February 2015 Cynthia continued on this path by becoming a brand ambassador for a campaign against Gender based violence by World Education Incorporated Bantwana. As her brand grew corporate companies started to notice her and in 2014 Cynthia Mare became brand ambassador for Zimbabwean mobile telecom company Gtel. In 2015 ZOL (Zimbabwe internet provider) also made Cynthia their brand ambassador. Black Things, African wear began to officially dress Cynthia in 2014. She also had a short stint as a presenter on Coca-Cola Zimbabwe s music TV Show Coke On The Beat . She also starred in Starbrite Talent Show. She was a mentor on the music show and went on to have the winning competitor of the 2013 season.

After the successful launch of the album Songs My Mother Loved Cynthia did not slow down as she embarked on national tour. This was great training for herself and her new band. While touring, she wrote and performed new songs and by July 2015, Cynthia was recording her third studio album with her live band. Entitled SHINGA, the album was produced by Humphrey Domboka and recorded Jah Prayzah studio in Belvedere, Harare. On 20 November 2015, Cynthia Mare launched her third studio album SHINGA at the 7Arts Theatre in Harare. It was a star studded, red carpet event with fellow artists Hope Masike, Victor Kunonga, Donald Kanyuchi and Tytan supporting the launch. The album was well received with many people commenting on her musical growth, the well thought-out message in the music and Cynthia s powerful voice. The national broadcaster ZBC aired the album launch on national TV two weeks later. By the end of 2015, the first single Shinga was already getting considerable airplay on TV and radio.

Shinga is an inspirational song aimed at empowering others. This album also has many up-tempo songs with strong traditional sounds like Waita Mari , Muchato, Ngoro and Nhamo. Cynthia Mare has also collaborated with Jah Prayzah on the up-tempo song Murudo .

Other collaborations include Tytan and singer/songwriter/guitarist Donald Kanyuchi who was groomed by the legend Mtukudzi at Pakare Paye Arts Centre.

Mare is looking forward to continuing her journey with her 2016 project.

Ian Coull's Memorial Service – Limping Towards the Sunrise

Ian Coull's Memorial Service – Limping Towards The Sunrise

A Service of Thanksgiving for Ian s good and fruitful life will take place at All Saints Parish Church in Marlow, Buckinghamshire on Monday 7th March at 2pm. All friends and colleagues of Ian are warmly invited to attend the service and also the Reception which will take place immediately afterwards at nearby Bisham Abbey. May he rest in peace.

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