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Act Fibernet announces 1Gbps wired broadband plans for Hyderabad; will cost Rs 5999 with 1TB FUP

Act Fibernet has announced the launch of the first citywide 1 Gbps broadband access in India. K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), Minister for IT, Municipal Administration and Urban Development and Industries (MAUD) officiated the launch.

The 1 Gbps plan, which will be available from anywhere within Hyderabad, is about four hundred times the national average speeds, which is around 2.5 Mbps. Hayai and MTNL provide 10 Gbps plans in some pockets of Mumbai, and Reliance Ultraband offers a 1 Gbps connection in one locality in Mumbai. The MTNL plans are not available publicly, whereas Hayai provides 10 Gbps connections with unlimited data use for For Rs 19,999 a month.

Act is providing 1 Gbps plans for Rs 5,999 a month, with an FUP of 1 TB. Bala Malladi, CEO, Act Fibernet said, “With our citizens and the government moving towards the Digital India movement, high speed internet is the need of the hour. With the launch of our 1 Gbps broadband internet service, it gives me immense pride to turn this dream into reality.

The city of Hyderabad is apt for our maiden launch as it has some of the best technology brands, educational institutions and a vibrant economy. We are confident this product will transform the way internet is now being consumed at large and this will fast track the government’s newest target to connect all its 23 million Telangana residents through the Internet by 2018. Minister for IT, Municipal Administration and Urban development and Industries, KTR Rao said, “I am extremely pleased to be present here and witness the historic launch of 1Gbps broadband internet service for an entire city in the country.

It is my vision to connect our residents through high speed internet and I am sure this product from ACT Fibernet will further help fulfil my vision of making Telangana a tech and digitally advanced hub.”

Speed test your way to 1 Gbps speed. NOW, IS THE TIME TO THINK BIGGER and #ACTGIGA! Know more on:[1][2][3]

— ACT Fibernet (@ACTFibernet) March 30, 2017[4]

The rollout allows Hyderabad to join one of the few cities worldwide with access to a 1 Gbps or faster connection.

Act is one of the biggest non telecom internet service providers in the country, and claim to have one of the best broadband infrastructure anywhere in the world.

The details of the new plans have not been updated in the Hyderabad section of the Act Fibernet web site[5] yet.

Publish date: March 30, 2017 5:18 pm| Modified date: March 31, 2017 9:41 am

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