Tower plans could see new 4G network across North-east

Communities across the North-east could be set for superfast broadband and 4G coverage if plans by a mobile phone giant are approved. The scheme includes three antennas, two transmission dishes and one satellite dish. The plans are part of EE winning the Emergency Services Network coverage for the whole of the United Kingdom last year to replace the existing airways system with a new 4G technology based service.

It is understood if plans for the tower are approved, the Deeside area would benefit from a nationwide upgrade to the mobile phone network with 4G coverage as well as superfast broadband. Ben Fawcett an agent for Dales Surveying, working on behalf of EE, said: “This is a big network upgrade.

“It will provide superfast broadband via 4G.”

Referring to the plans for the tower at Tarland, he said: “The use of the small 12m lattice tower means it is less visually intrusive and can blend into the surroundings better. The existing airwaves network will be redundant in the next three to four years so getting these plans will help the emergency services.

“It means the likes of police officers, medics and firemen being able to rely on a network. Hopefully it means that the emergency services can wear body cameras and can relay information to control rooms.”

Plans for the land at Wester Corse, north of Tarland, also include a generator, an access track and a fenced compound. A design statement for the plans said: “It is necessary for the height of the tower to ensure that the elevated landscape does not have an unacceptable impact upon the mobile signal quality.

“Utilising a lattice tower structure will allow for through views to the surrounding grassland, trees in the area will provide a degree of screening to the structure.

Views of the mast will be of the top of the tower and will be short range from the B9119 and the minor road that runs north from Tillylodge.

“The design of the site has evolved to take into account its rural surroundings so the visual impact on the environment is minimised.”

The public has until January 12 to lodge comments with Aberdeenshire Council.

MSPs demand more effort to improve rural broadband


MSPs Demand More Effort To Improve Rural BroadbandPeter Chapman said residents were concerned about broadband provision

More needs to be done to address problems with rural broadband, according to two North East MSPs. Aberdeenshire West member Alexander Burnett said he had been inundated with complaints from frustrated residents in the Banchory area after a service outage that lasted for days. Fellow Tory MSP Peter Chapman said those concerns were echoed when Read Full Story3

MSPs Demand More Effort To Improve Rural Broadband

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R Davidson employees brush up for long service awards

An Aberdeenshire painting and decorating firm has celebrated 132 years of combined service from seven of its employees who have shown commitment and enthusiasm over the years. R Davidson Painters & Decorators, based in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, has awarded the long service staff, who have each worked for the company for at least 15 years, for their dedication and loyalty to the business. Robert Bain, one of the long service awardees, has trumped the service time, having been with the company for 28 years. During this time, Mr Bain has witnessed various changes and successes within the business, including its move to larger premises to support staff growth, as well as its sizeable intake of apprentices over the years and how they have grown with the business.

Mr Bain said: The past 28 years has flown in for me as I love my job and thoroughly enjoy working with everyone at the firm. R Davidson has gone from strength to strength throughout the years and I have been lucky enough to have not experienced any downturns or struggles in the company. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given and I m sure there are still a good few years left in me. Painter & decorator Austin Crawford shortly follows Robert Bain with 20 years under his belt. Barrie Gammack, Graham Burnett and Phil Clark have 17 years, and Ian Anderson and Stewart Morrison both have 15 years. Each dedicated worker was presented with a gift at the firm s ceremony at the end of last year.

Managing director and owner of R Davidson Painters & Decorators, Trevor Mutch, said: It really is an honour to have so many long service employees within the firm. This highlights not only their loyalty and dedication, but also the firm s devotion to its staff. We have always had low staff turnover here and I believe this has helped substantially with the continued growth of the company. We have a strong secure management structure in place combined with highly skilled tradesmen, which enables us to carry out all our projects to the best of our ability and with a happy client at the end. I can t thank these seven men enough for their help and hard work over the years.

With a current headcount of 100, the decorating firm, which specialises in delivering bespoke painting, decorating and ames taping services for the private domestic and commercial markets, has a range of major commercial clients in the North-east and has worked on some of Aberdeen s most prestigious developments, including the renovation of the city s Marischal College.

For more information about R Davidson Painters & Decorators, please visit, or call 01330 824877.