Lenovo ThinkPad GOBI 2000 Broadband Option – Reviews

Lenovo ThinkPad GOBI 2000 Broadband Option

  • Lenovo ThinkPad GOBI 2000 Broadband Option
  • WWAN technology offers you the freedom to work wherever its convenient for you
  • Compatible with WWAN ready models of ThinkPad T410, T510, W510, X100e and Edge Series notebooks
  • Browse the internet, check email, access company intranets where ever you go with BroadBand Access
  • These cellular technologies are offered regionally, nationwide, and globally and are provided by a wireless service provider, typically for a monthly usage fee

Note: Requires service contract with the service provider; monthly service charges and airtime charges (based on data throughput) will apply. Roaming charges may also apply. Service may not be available in all areas.] Mobile broadband is a predictable, cost-efficient remote access solution. Rather than managing the setup, use and payment of multiple connectivity solutions for your remote workers (remote office connectivity, hotel and airport Wi-Fi, home office access, etc.), you can use a single, cost effec

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