Lenovo 43R9153 Standard Modem – Price Drop

Lenovo 43R9153 Standard Modem

  • Wireless Internet Adaptor
  • GSM 3G HSPA Mobile modem
  • ThinkPad Broadband Wireless WAN-ready Option

Add WWAN to your select WWAN ready ThinkPad models
With the pace of business accelerating and the value of timely information measured in dollars, being able to have unfettered access to your data is more important than ever before
WWAN gives mobile professionals access to the information they need quickly and securely at broadband speeds without cables or searching for a hotspot
Vodafone’s network offers national coverage, supports mobile connections, and provides the security of GSM technology

  Product Description   ThinkPad Broadband Wireless WAN-ready Option wireless cellular modem  
  Device Type   Wireless cellular modem – PCI Express Mini Card  
  Enclosure Type   Plug-in module  
  Dimensions (WxDxH)   3

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