Samsung starts mass production of 256GB flash storage for cars

Samsung has started mass production of 256GB embedded UFS based on automotive specifications from the JEDEC UFS 3.0 standard The Samsung solution is being shipped to automotive manufacturers, preparing the market for advanced driver assistance systems, and entertainment and information systems. “As thermal management is crucial for automotive memory applications, Samsung’s 256GB eUFS extends the temperature range to between -40?C and 105?C for both operational and power-saving modes,” said Samsung.

“With the new temperature threshold for automobile warranties, major automotive manufacturers can now design-in memory that’s even well suited for extreme environments and know they will be getting highly-reliable performance.”

“Starting with high-end vehicles, we expect to expand our business portfolio across the entire automotive market, while accelerating growth in the premium memory segment.”

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  1. ^ Samsung launches new dual-camera solution (

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