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Sahara Computers closed and abandoned – Report

Sahara Computers, owned and run by the Gupta family, has been shut down, according to a report by News24[1]. The report stated that the company’s head office in Midrand is for sale, with only three former Sahara employees and a security guard at the offices on 16 February. “One of the former employees told News24 that Sahara closed down about four months ago,” stated News24.

The Sahara head office – which is home to Sahara Computers and Sahara Systems – is now on the market for R50 million. “Alternatively, the 6,500 square metre property could be leased for about R390,000 a month,” stated the report. The news comes after the Gupta family were implicated in state capture, with Ajay Gupta recently declared a fugitive in South Africa.

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