Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 700 series

Qualcomm has unveiled its Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series[1]. The Snapdragon 700 series is designed to “exceed what is expected from today’s high-tier mobile experiences”, said Qualcomm. It will also include features “previously only available in the premium Snapdragon 800” series.

Advances to be expected in the 700 series include:

  • On-device AI.
  • Improvements to camera systems.
  • Device performance and power improvements.

This includes up to a 30% improvement in power efficiency, Quick Charge 4+ technology, ultra-fast LTE, carrier Wi-Fi features, and Bluetooth 5.

“The Snapdragon 700 Mobile Platform Series will bring premium-tier technologies and features into more affordable devices, something our global OEM customers and consumers are demanding.”

Commercial samples of the Snapdragon 700 series will ship to customers in the coming months.

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